Dear Michael Phelps: Thank You For Embracing Your Purpose

Dear Michael Phelps: Thank You for Embracing Your Purpose
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Thank you.

Thank you for saying “yes” to you.

Thank you for seeking help when your spirit lay drowning at the bottom of the pool.

Thank you for your courage in mining through the wreckage within your heart.

Thank you for your perseverance in overcoming the demons exposed in the process.

Thank you for being real with the world about your very real struggles.

Thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve, unveiled and vulnerable.

Thank you for fighting through the heartache.

Thank you for coming to understand your life has purpose, meaning, value.

Thank you for forgiving yourself and loving the man God created you to be.

Because if you had said no to any of the things above…

We wouldn’t be blessed with another experience of watching you dominate a sport God intended you to own.

We wouldn’t be inspired for a fifth time watching your mind-blowing display of supernatural talents.

We wouldn’t be moved by your tenderness in every podium moment even when you are receiving your 22nd gold.

We wouldn’t be able to view a close-up of your eyes; eyes which allow us a glimpse into your gentle soul.

We wouldn’t be filled with the love overflowing from your mom’s heart every time the camera pans to her priceless expressions of pride and gratitude.

We wouldn’t be brought to tears of joy every time we see your fiancé jumping up and down, cheering madly for the man she loves.

We wouldn’t be blessed to see your son, Boomer, who goes along for the ride wearing his big All-American ear muffs.

We wouldn’t be touched by how your face lights up when living out your new role as father.

Thank you for giving the world these gifts.

Thank you for filling our collective homes with hope by demonstrating and living out the answers to the questions below; answers you found deep within your heart after being inspired by Rick Warren and The Purpose Driven Life:

The Question of Existence: Why am I alive?

The Question of Significance: Does my life matter?

The Question of Purpose: What on earth am I here for?

As a result of your seeking, our hearts are blessed.

As a result of your healing, countless lives will be renewed, transformed, changed.

As a result of your determination and hard work, we are still cheering in our living rooms.

So, thank you, Michael Phelps.

Godspeed in your new journey.

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