Dear Moms: It's Okay

We are all doing the best that we can.

Dear moms,

It’s okay.

Sometimes we all need to hear it, right? As I was standing in my almost 4 month old’s nursery last night, tears flooded my eyes. I had packed away yet another onesie. Except this one, this one was special. It was his dinosaur footed onesie that I had dressed him in, time and time again over the past couple of months. This time I went to put him in it and realized that it would take some sort of a shoe horn to get him into it. Heaven forbid when I stumble in to change his diaper at 3 a.m.

Tears flooded as I packed it away. My precious teeny tiny little boy, isn’t so teeny anymore. Time slow down!

My husband rushed in and said two words…”it’s ok”. Sometimes we need to hear it, don’t we?

It’s okay…

It’s okay when you are getting ready for church, grab your baby up and have poop smeared down your “church clothes,” all over his bouncy seat and instead of getting frustrated-bust out laughing.

It’s okay not to let anyone babysit them for the first year (or three) of their life.

It’s okay to let your mom keep them when they are two days old for an hour…just so you can take a nap and a shower.

It’s okay to be a working mom.

It’s okay to be a stay-at-home mom.

It’s okay to be a work at home mom.

It’s okay to be terrified about the moment they start applying to colleges.

It’s okay to worry about their future spouse... even though they are only 5 years old.

It’s okay if they have a random outburst in the middle of a restaurant... because ― terrible twos (or 12’s) anyone?

It’s okay to breastfeed.

It’s okay when you can’t exclusively breastfeed for various reasons, including a low milk supply.

It’s okay to supplement with formula. Or exclusively formula feed them.

It’s okay to have a glass of wine.

It’s okay to take some alone time. Whether it’s a bath or a vacation.

It’s okay to spend the day in bed, cuddling that sweet baby and not doing a single load of laundry.

It’s okay to rush around while the baby is napping just to try and get the house in some sort of order before you husband gets home.

It’s okay to “shelter” your baby just because you aren’t ready to share them with the world yet.

It’s okay not to have them on a “schedule” at 4 months.

It’s okay to sleep when they sleep.

Dear sweet moms: it’s okay! We are all doing the best that we can. We love our littles. We would do anything for them. The last thing that we need to hear is “that’s not okay.” So, today, I am telling you: It’s okay!

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