Dear Mr. Huckabee, You're Wrong!

Dear Mr. Huckabee,

As an Army Veteran, having served two combat tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, and as a past political appointee having worked for Eric Fanning in the Pentagon, I would like to respond to your comments about my former boss.

You have made the claim that Mr. Fanning was appointed solely because of his sexual orientation. I find this comment odd for a number of reasons. When Mr. Fanning was in the process of first being appointed to a political position in the Pentagon, we had a process of sending around the potential appointee's resume. I vividly do not remember the resume or any of the following paperwork stating Mr. Fanning's sexual orientation as either an identifier or a qualifier. Did you see different paperwork than I?

You have made the claim that the military is not social experiment, I would assume because you think that Mr. Fanning is a social experiment to lead the Army. What I think you should understand is that warfare is an entirely social experiment. From unit dynamics to leadership to understanding how to achieve a mission (many times through violence), every aspect of warfare can be traced to a social experience based on a social experiment. Perhaps you had a different experience during your extensive time at war?

I find it odd that a man who has served with distinction as the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy, the Under Secretary of the Air Force, the acting Secretary of the Air Force, and the Chief of Staff of the Department of Defense seems like an appointment of appeasement.

Having worked for Mr. Fanning, I can tell you that he is a consummate leader, mentor, and coach. He has all the skills, ability, and background necessary to do great things for Soldiers and their families.

Knowing Mr. Fanning, as I do, he has my complete support and congratulations and I urge the United States Senate to confirm him without delay.

I hope, Mr. Huckabee, that you have made these outrageous claims due to a simple lack of knowledge rather than a mean spiritedness that would neither show you a leader or a Christian and I am happy to help educate you.

Your welcome.