Dear Mr. Limbaugh

I don't even know where to begin with this one, but I will start by saying how embarrassed I am for you. It shocks me that someone with your stature could know so little about global warming.

First off, thanks for making the case for us. The things you mention like worse snowstorms and a chaotic start to baseball season are all symptoms of global warming. Global warming causes extreme weather in BOTH directions. For example, the reason the blizzards are getting worse in the Northeast is because the Great Lakes are no longer freezing over thus fueling the stronger snow storms that are topping the headlines and disrupting the start of the baseball season.

Moreover, for someone who seems to follow sports so closely, I thought you may have seen the recent issue of Sports Illustrated that featured global warming on the cover. Guess not, but if you are interested in actually learning what global warming is doing to sports go to to see what actual athletes like Reggie Bush, Steve Nash and Chase Utley have to say about why they are taking global warming seriously.


Ms. David