Dear Pat Robertson... Again

Dear Pat,

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "If at first you don't succeed..." Well, here I am trying again. I'm getting the impression you didn't read my first letter.

My second letter comes to you with an invitation. Would you mind sitting in a room with me? Maybe the kitchen? You could come for coffee. Or tea if you'd prefer. It would be a simple affair. Something proper and civilized, although not too fancy. You would't even have to wear a tie. It would be a casual gathering. I would like it if we could talk. Just you and me sitting around the kitchen table. Quiet, comfortable, no pressure. As a man who is gay, I want to give you the opportunity to say to my face a few of the utterly ridiculous accusations about gay people that you declare on television from time to time.

You're quite the statement maker. Your associates don't seem to be advising you regarding the preposterous things you say. It would appear that perhaps during your time of fellowship together, you and your team sit around shooting the breeze, making up the consistently hurtful, absurdly unpleasant things that you then pass on to the public.

Your latest allegation, "Watch what happens, love affairs between men and animals are going to be absolutely permitted," is outrageous. Are you kidding?

To quote Miranda Priestly in a moment of annoyance from the film The Devil Wears Prada, "Did you fall down and smack your little head on the pavement?" If so, you should get that checked out.

To make things worse, your "The 700 Club" co-host, Terry Meeuwsen, alluded that the legalization of same-sex marriage by the Supreme Court of the United States would lead to "relationships with children." And you agreed. You agreed, Pat! I'm dumbfounded. It infuriates me that you have an audience who listens to you, agrees with you and buys into the information that you spout as truth. How does one leap to those nonsensical statements about gay people just because we can now legally get married in all 50 of the United States?

That's why I'm inviting you to hang out with me. So that we can talk. So that you can see for yourself how nonthreatening I am. Listen Pat, I wasn't molested as a child, a preteen or a teenager. No one did anything to me to elicit my feelings of attraction toward men. I was born gay. I've had no desire ever in my life -- and I'm now in my 40s -- to have sex with a child, an animal, a tree or anything other than a consenting adult male.

Sit at that kitchen table with me, Pat. Imagine we're at mamaw's house, a nice slice of banana cake to go with the coffee. Sit face to face with me and ask me about my life. Ask me how I went to worship services three times a week. Ask me how I accepted Jesus into my heart to save my soul from hell. Ask me how many tears I shed as I prayed that the feelings of same-sex attraction would go away. Ask me how terrified I was to be myself. Ask me how it felt to carry all of this inside because I didn't have anyone to talk to about it -- not my friends, not my parents, not my teachers and definitely not my pastor. Ask me how grateful I am to the gay people I met during my college years -- who are still my friends today -- who graciously and helpfully answered my questions about dating and sex. Ask me what it feels like to hear and read the hateful, negative words that come out of your mouth. Ask me how people who think like you motivated my retreat from organized religion due to a lack of acceptance.

You're a fearmonger, spreading fable's into an already vulnerable society that fears what they don't understand. And many won't take the time to try to understand because people like you are telling them that people like me are pedophiles and they just listen.

Get to know me, Pat. I will tell you that I don't want a relationship with children. I don't want to recruit children either. There's no agenda accept the one that people of your ilk keep making up. There are enough heterosexual parents giving birth to gay children. Even my parents are heterosexuals. And here I I know I mentioned that already, but I feel it bears repeating. As does the part about being born gay. I was born gay, Pat. That means I wasn't recruited, nor can anyone be.

Sit in a room with me. I could even invite some friends. We could tell you our stories. What you'll learn is that we are people who want to be respected, loved and happy just like all human beings.

In closing, I would like to ask you to take a second and think before you speak. Your words are powerful and they're filling people's heads with false images and those people are listening to you. They're not thinking for themselves. You're painting a negative picture of a community of people based on information that you're either fabricating or that someone else has convinced you is true.

Hope to see you soon. Until then, get some rest. Take care of yourself. Overexerting can overtax the brain. And that can lead to more convoluted thoughts.

Michael Rohrer