Dear People Sitting in Darkness


Darkness crawls from all corners of artificial light,
little by little to cover the rooms of our days.
At first it seems too dark too quickly.
Too silent. Too cold. Too empty...
What we know of darkness is what our eyes
are willing to see. We keep asking who else
is sitting in darkness, how many, or what else.
Born to fear, we weren't taught how to find light.
Nor how to speak our truths to darkness.
Instead we search for light outside our ravaged skin,
as if wounds don't remember all the silences of time.
Sit still. Still. Close your eyes and fly to spaces where
trees are still green, still blooming, still seeding
light to find the hearts that will grow it most.
Have heart. Be light. Be one with the hands
that will summon the dawn of all the right things.

Bino A. Realuyo