Dear President Obama: Please Upgrade Nuclear Launch Protocols Before You Leave Office

At 12:01 pm on January 20, 2017 Donald J. Trump will have the ability to order a nuclear attack on any city or any country in the world.

And no one can stop him. Under current protocols . . .

One man, and one man alone, makes a decision that can kill millions One man, and one man alone, makes a decision that can start a nuclear war One man, and one man alone, makes a decision that can literally end civilization for millions of years.

And, at any moment before 12 Noon on January 20, 2017, one man and one man alone, can significantly increase the safeguards to protect the planet from any of this occurring.

That man is President Barack Obama.

And we must ask him to do it. We must call him at 202 456 1414 now . . . .   Because Donald Trump has a proven inability to control his impulses and is widely believed by mental health professionals to suffer from "Narcissistic Personality Disorder", a Cluster B personality disorder characterized by extreme sensitivity to criticism and a penchant for swift retaliation. Because Donald Trump has stated that he welcomes a nuclear arms race. Because Donald Trump has stated, on national television, that "When I'm wounded, I go after people hard and I try to unwound myself." Because Donald Trump's two chosen top advisors, the two who would conceivably be there to dissuade The President from taking any impulsive actions have not been vetted by Congress and, according to many, lack stable decision making skills themselves, Steven Bannon and General Michael Flynn.

But, even more importantly . . .

Because the world is a faster and much different place than it was when nuclear launch approval protocols were originally designed Because we now have "fake news" that can, and has, mislead and caused even foreign Defense Ministers and General Flynn himself to fall prey and react hastily, Because Russians or Macedonians or 400 pound guys in their bedrooms in New Jersey could conceivably hack into information sources used by this "one man" or his advisors.

The nuclear launch authorization protocols must be updated and upgraded to include at least one other human being chosen by The American People (the Vice-President) or confirmed by The United States Senate, (The Secretary of Defense and/or The Secretary of State).

The effort to do this is already underway.  In the closing days of the just concluded 114th Congress a bill was introduced to update and upgrade.  HR 6535, "The Nuclear Sanity Act" (text below) would require any President to obtain the written approval of both The Secretary of Defense and The Secretary of State before any nuclear weapon is launched, except when America is itself under attack.   William Perry, Secretary of Defense under President Bill Clinton and author of "My Journey at The Nuclear Brink", agrees with "The Nuclear Sanity Act" and told this writer, "I don't think any one person should be able to end civilization, especially by mistake."

President Barack Obama can, today, issue an Executive Order that even Republicans, and all rational Americans, would discourage President Donald Trump from undoing, an Executive Order that will, instantly, make the world a safer place, a parting gift of historic proportion.

If you agree, please join this movement for nuclear sanity and tell President Barack Obama to upgrade the nuclear launch authorization protocols before he leaves office by calling The White House at (202) 456 1414 or sending The President an email with this simple form

Thank you, in advance, Mr. President.

"The Nuclear Sanity Act" A BILL To require the President to obtain written approval from the Secretary    of Defense and the Secretary of State prior to the use of nuclear          weapons by the United States, and for other purposes. NUCLEAR WEAPON USE APPROVAL PROCESS.     (a) In General.--Except in a case of a physical attack on the territory of the United States by the military force of a foreign government, or in a case in which it is impossible for the President to establish communications with the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State for a 24-hour period, the President shall obtain the approval of the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State prior to the use of nuclear weapons by the United States.     (b) Form of Approval.--The approval under this section shall be in writing unless the approving official deems approval in writing impracticable, in which case it may be oral. Written approval under this section may be transmitted to the President by electronic means.     (c) Violations.--             (1) The United States military shall disregard all orders         from the President in violation of this section.             (2) Any violation or attempted violation of this section         shall be deemed a ``high crime or misdemeanor'' under the         United States Constitution.     (d) Definition.--In this section, the term ``territory of the United States'' means the States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the territories of the United States, whether or not incorporated or organized.