Dear President Trump: I Hope You're Happy

My deepest congratulations to the next president of the United States. From your humble beginnings you’ve been a success. You built a tremendously successful company from the ground up. Your very name became one of the most prestigious brands in the world. You then entered the unfamiliar landscape of politics and ran for the presidency with an infectious movement of a campaign.

You didn’t just gain votes. You mobilized a previously silent majority of Americans who were done with the establishment. You mollified the white working class with promises to end the disenfranchisement of the little guy. And, to everyone’s eternal awe, you won the highest office in the land.

On behalf of all those who you stepped on to get this far, I congratulate you. I hope you’re happy.

To undermine your stunning accomplishment as our next president might seem childish and hypocritical on the surface. After all, it was the left that put you to shame for your blatant lack of intention to concede the election if your victory not be the will of the people. And perhaps it is childish to congratulate you in this manner. But, quite frankly, to welcome you to the White House in a childish way is merely to speak the language that you have trafficked in all throughout your campaign.

Your campaign was historic in every sense of the word. It rendered experts on the left and right speechless. It fostered a community of Americans who spat in the face of common decency without any apparent reservations. It thoroughly decimated a party slowly heading toward tolerance and relative social liberalism.

I hope you are happy, as the independent contracting and designing teams you swindled certainly are not. I hope you are happy, as the countless marginalized groups of people you ridiculed certainly are not. I hope you are happy, as the woman who ran a tireless campaign preaching unity while enduring a tsunami of unsubstantiated vilification certainly is not.

I hope you’re happy, because frankly someone other than your supporters ought to be.