Dear Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Please Eat Your Vegetables

This may seem like a lot to ask someone of your age and after all you have already done for our country, but we really need you right now.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg wearing her “dissent” collar
Ruth Bader Ginsburg wearing her “dissent” collar

Dear Ruth Bader Ginsburg,

I hope this finds you well. In fact, I hope this finds you extremely well.

I just have one small request: Can you please, please eat your vegetables on a daily basis? Can you also make sure that you’re getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep, drinking plenty of water and doing crossword puzzles to keep your mind fresh?

This may seem like a lot to ask someone of your age and after all you have already done for our country, but we really need you right now...and for like four more years. Cool?

I’m sure you were beginning to picture your apropos exit stage left as you gracefully stood from your chair on the court, deliberately walked up to Hillary and gently touched her shoulder, letting her know the time had come for you to leave.

I imagine you had tears in your eyes as you envisioned the beauty of the moment when she would then undoubtedly find another tenacious, intelligent female to fill the void you would surely leave behind. You probably even began to feel safe with the notion that you’d be leaving a legacy and giving another woman a chance to begin hers. How poetic it all must have felt.

But, alas, we cannot let you go just yet.

Please, I’m begging you to give us four more years. In fact, it’s actually pretty imperative you remain on the Supreme Court for just a bit longer. I vow to carry you off the bench myself and we will all shower you with praise and jubilation. We just can’t let you go quite yet.

As you know, there is now a narcissist waiting in the right wing, waiting to dismantle all of the freedoms you have helped to ensure for the masses. He is a diabolical man, incapable of reason and has the inability to create well-thoughout responses. His lack of humanity and desire for nothing other than self-preservation are the sole driving forces in the decisions he makes.

You, RBG are literally our last line of defense against our entire country stepping back in time 60 years or more.

You are currently the only thorn in his side, but I believe you may be enough.

He has gotten the best, most sought after job in all the world. He has a significant majority in Congress and an open seat in the SCOTUS.

But, Madam, he also has you to contend with.

You have proven throughout your tenure to be a woman of great merit and have always voted to move us forward.

He would like nothing more than to see you walk slowly into the night, leaving him a huge, gaping conservative hole in the highest court of all the land.

So, Mrs. Ginsburg, I implore you to please eat your vegetables. Please continue to sport your dissent collar. Please keep your mind sharp and remain focused on preserving the court for all of us.

The next four years will be the most important of your career.

You are currently our beacon in the night. You are the face of hope for women, Muslims, African-Americans, Hispanics, the LGBT Community and all others who feel as though they do not fit into Donald Trump’s America.

Godspeed, Mrs. Ginsburg and let me know how I can help you remain steadfast while on this mission.

We are all counting on you.