'Dear Santa' Letter With Full Amazon Link Is So 2013 It Hurts

The Worst (Or Best?) 'Dear Santa' Letter Ever

Hopefully Santa has an Amazon Prime membership.

In a "Dear Santa" letter that's truly worthy of the tech-filled world we live in, Twitter user @Gequeoman resurfaced a handwritten note to Saint Nick that featured a full, indecipherable Amazon link. The note was originally posted by Zack Poitras who posted a series of similar notes over at The Inclusive.

Though the note wasn't actually written by a child, let's just face that it's no longer out of the realm of possibility that it could be.

Some patient Reddit members went through the work of typing out the link, revealing the link leads to the page to buy a $20 whale-themed RC car.

Check out the letter tweeted by @Gequeoman below.

UPDATE: This piece has been updated with a link to the actual Amazon product. Credit to Zack Poitras, original author of the letter, has also been added.

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