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Dear Santa: My 2015 Holiday Wish List

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Like a lot of kids, I wrote to Santa Claus every year. More or less, my Christmas wishes were usually fulfilled. Being young at heart this year, I thought I'd try it again.

Dear Santa -

My name is William Chalmers, and I have been pretty good this year. Really good according to my kids, and not bad according to my wife.

What I wish most this year for Christmas is:
... a week along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia next summer.
... that I could transfer my unused airline tickets to a family member or friends. Why can't I again?
... that I could participate in the 2016 world travel championship - The Global Scavenger Hunt.
... that all nations shared a common electrical plug.
... a long weekend of bliss with my wife at Eden Rock in St. February.
... that I didn't have to tip service workers and they made a living wage.
... for a traditional two week family summer vacation--either at a cottage or on a road trip.
... the TSA was consistent--Do the shoes stay on or off folks? Laptop out or not folks?
... I could attend the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
... that frequent flyer programs didn't constantly change by always upping the requirements.
... I could take my son ice skating on a frozen Dal Lake in Kashmir.
... that US airports were quieter. (Do we really need those obnoxious 24/7 TSA announcements --14+ years running!?)
... I could take my daughter to visit here namesake--Petra, Jordan.
... that travelers had more empathy for kids--we were all young and full of vin and vigor once.
... that the Maldives would stop drowning.
... that we had one standard size for carryon bags and that the airlines enforced it.
... that we Americans weren't such scaredy-cats and understood that the real risks of traveling are almost zero.
... I could see the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun in one calendar year. Greedy I know!
... that travelers would look in front of them more often than into their screens.
... that Zanzibar wasn't so far away.
... that we as a nation would spend the $30 billion necessary to modernize and upgrade our sad airports and antiquated air traffic control systems.
... someone would get serious about stopping fools from directing laser lights in pilots eyes.
... airlines would squash the discontent caused by reclining seats.
... the FAA would continue requiring pilots to take medical exams every two years.
... that more than 4% of airline passengers offset their carbon emissions.
... for a US-version of the Air Passengers Rights that other nations have.
... I didn't suffer from sunscreen guilt now.
... that a US airport could have ranked higher than 30th (CVG-Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky) on the world's top airports list! Come on folks, aren't we better than tedious, noisy, dirty, and just generally user-unfriendly airports?

And finally Santa, I wish for a Star Trek-like transporter system.

Thank you Santa and Merry Christmas too!

P.S. Enjoy our cookies and milk by the fireplace.
P.S.S. They are really sweet!

That's my Santa Christmas wish list; I know, click my heels together and hope hard, right!?

What is on your travel wish list for 2016?