Dear Santa....Dear Universe

What I always loved about Christmas when I was a kid was my absolute certainty that Santa would bring me everything that was written on my wish list. And you know what? He never failed me.

Fast forward to Christmas present: How odd it is that my work now as a life coach is to help people get what they want. Truth is, I'm still big on writing wish lists. Gone are the days of Dear Santa. Now it's Dear Universe.

The fact that I always got what I wanted defied my reality, because my parents were dirt poor. Knowing what I know now about the law of attraction, it all makes perfect sense. As a child I knew instinctively how to manifest stuff. The formula was simple and so obvious to me:

1. I new exactly what I wanted.
2. I asked my parents (and Santa) for it.
3. I would spend hours day-dreaming about it.
4. I expected and believed that I would get it.
5. I didn't have a care or worry about HOW I would get it. That was my parents problem. Not mine.

Who would have guessed that getting what you want could be so simple? And there-in lies the problem for grown-ups. It's not because they've stopped believing in Santa; It's much more serious. It's because they've become what I call practical realists.

Practical Realists think:

• I have to work hard and long to get what I want.
• There are things in life that are out of my range.
• I have to figure everything out myself in order to get something.
• There is only so much that I can have.

This kind of thinking puts a damper on life. It locks us in. Closes us down. And it shuts out all possibilities. It also turns us into bores. And when we are boring, we close down the pipeline for magic to happen in our lives.

If you can admit that you've turned into a practical realist, then give yourself a break, let yourself off the hook, lighten up, shake-off the unworthiness, start dreaming again, and drop the fear that you won't be able to cope with the disappointment of not getting what you want in life. Because here's the real reality. All of those boring thoughts are just a big excuse to NOT play in life.

Just like your parents, the universe wants you to have everything you want. You may be an adult, but to the universe, you're still just an innocent kid that gets to play in a vast and unlimited playground.

So my friend, what is it you want?