Dear Senator McCain: This Is Your Chance At Full Redemption

Show us you still believe in "Country First."

Dear John:

All right, senator. This is your big chance. You’ve been slowly making your way back to semi-”maverick” status over the last eight years. You’ve been trying to do your penance for picking Palin and placing self ahead of “Country First.” Some, like me, have given you credit. Some will never forgive you.

But here’s your big-time opportunity. Yuge. How do you want to be remembered? Like your hero, Ronald Reagan? Or like Strom Thurmond. This is history, senator.

Today you took another nice step. After the fiasco firing of the FBI Director this afternoon, you expressed your disappointment, and then said:

I have long called for a special congressional committee to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. The president’s decision to remove the FBI Director only confirms the need and the urgency of such a committee.

Like I said, nice. Fine. But not near enough, sir. This is no time for baby steps. And you know it. United States senators have enormous power to hold up the entire nation’s business. No one has a better awareness of the cloture rules in the Senate than you do. You may have even read a recent book about it. Do it. Get up on the soapbox, senator. Grind everything to a halt by joining the Senate minority ― and get that special prosecutor. Do it, and you’ll be remembered for that. Not Sarah.

What do you really have to lose? You got your conservative robe on the Supreme Court. That’s done. You’ve got your 5-4 balance back in check. Thank Mitch. Now, do something truly righteous. Something that is not about partisanship, but about honor and democracy. Something that could change the course of history for your country.

American rule of law, sir. Wasn’t that part of what motivated you to survive six years in a North Vietnamese prison ― and become a genuine HERO in the first place? It’s what made me believe you’re a hero. Respectfully, senator, do you really still believe in “Country First?” Please show us. Please show me.

With sincere thanks, Michael