Dear Senator Obama: Fight Back

The high road would be great if it didn't lead us to defeat every 2 or 4 years. The high road would be great if it helped us win. Guess what, it doesn't.
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oh no. for the third time, oh no.
it's 2008, right?
or is it? maybe it's 2000?
or 2004?
my confusion is based on the fact that the republicans are doing it again. they're using the same smear and attack
strategy on barack obama that they used on john kerry and that they used
on al gore.
and we, the democrats are doing...nothing?
sitting back and taking it like we always do?
sitting back and being the sissies that we always are?
in 2000 they slandered al gore as saying he invented the internet and was an elitist.
and he fought back how?
oh, that's right, he didn't.
and in 2004 they slandered john kerry by questioning his military service.
and he fought back how?
oh, that's right, he didn't.
and now they're slandering obama in a hundred insidious and incorrect ways
and he's fighting back how?
oh, that's right, he isn't.
if a bully kicks you in the shins once you should be prepared if he comes
to kick you in the shins again, right?
well, this is the third time that the gop are kicking us in the shins and we still
don't have shin-guards and we still haven't learned how to fight back.
that makes it our fault.
yes, in a perfect world the gop wouldn't be a bunch of lying sacks of shit, willing to spread scurrilous
lies and rumors, but, well, they are.
and we know they are.
and as distasteful as their methods might be, they usually end up winning.
and we're, once again, unprepared.
they're kicking us in the shins and all we're doing is quietly lamenting the fact that they're
kicking us in the shin.
dear senator obama: FIGHT BACK.
you're battling a dimwit who doesn't know the difference between sunni and shi'ite,
who still refers to countries that ceased to exist in 1993(czechoslovakia), and who believes
that iraq and pakistan share a border.
he's a media darling (appearing on 24, saturday night live, and the late night talk shows
more times than anyone can count).
and he's a staunch republican who deviates from the gop norm maybe .01% of the time.
we, the rank and file democrats, are tired of being sissies.
we're tired of the high road.
the high road would be great if it didn't lead us to defeat every 2 or 4 years.
the high road would be great if it helped us win.
guess what, it doesn't.
the republicans drag us into the mire and start beating the shit out of us and all we do is say,
'wouldn't it be nice if we weren't getting the shit beaten out of us in the mud?'
fight back and keep fighting until the gop are cowering in a corner.
we are better than them. we are smarter than them. we are younger than them.
and our ideas are better than theirs (stem cell research vs. creationism? we win).
we know how to win, it's almost as if we choose not to, somehow finding defeat
more comfortable and familiar and patrician than victory.
let's take the high road after we've won, ok?
in the meantime: FIGHT.
you don't bring a knife to a gun fight, and you don't bring decency to a fight with a republican (at least not if you want to win).
this might be a strange analogy for a vegan to use, but if you want to make an omelet
you have to break a couple of eggs.
start breaking some eggs.

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