Dear Sexual Predators: Stuff Your Apologies

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Dear Sexual Predators,

Take your apologies and stuff them. I don’t want to hear any more of your whiny, fake mea culpas.

You are just sorry you got caught.

In Matt Lauer's statement to the people he has hurt, he claims to be "truly sorry." Now that he's out of a job, he may in fact be sorry. Sorry he lost his job. But sorry doesn't cut it, Matt. Sorry doesn't fix the pain you've caused or the career trajectories you've derailed by your behavior.

Harvey Weinstein also claimed to be sorry and he added that "I really do respect women." That's a good one, Harvey. You have an odd way of showing it.

Charlie Rose claims to now have "a profound new respect for women and their lives." At least he admits his "respect" for women is new. A little late to the table, pal.

Russell Simmons has apparently apologized to his accuser privately. Big of you, Russell.

And Al Franken is "embarrassed" and feels "ashamed." That's the best you can do, Al? Really?

John Conyers and Bill O'Reilly paid their accusers off to keep them quiet. No apologies there, apparently.

For all of those who admit they sexually harassed or assaulted people, good start. But your apologies are lame because not one of you has spoken to the core issue of why you did it. I assume you knew it was wrong because if you were honest, you would have to admit that you would not want your daughter or your wife or your mother to be subjected to that behavior by a boss.

But after decades of committing sexual harassment and/or sexual assault, you want us to believe that all of a sudden you understand that your behavior was wrong? What opened your eyes to this revelation? Oh, yeah. You got called out publicly.

Nothing like a few public accusations to cause you to proclaim that you now see that your behavior was wrong. Nothing like a few public accusations to cause you to proclaim that you actually "respect women."

You can't possibly "respect women" and also sexually harass or sexually assault them. That's not how you show respect.

You show respect by listening to your female coworkers instead of angling to get them alone in your office or hotel room. You show respect for women by treating them with respect instead of trying to touch their bodies. You show respect by not making sexual activity a prerequisite to getting a job or keeping a job.

We are disgusted by your sexual harassment and sexual assaults. We are even more repulsed by the arrogance that allowed you to continue that pathetic behavior with the belief that you would never have to stop it or admit it or apologize for it.

Yet no apology will ever atone for your lewd behavior.

You should have listened to your mother when she told you to keep your hands to yourself and your pants zipped.

Sorry, not sorry, that you imploded your careers, damaged your relationships with family and friends, and are now reviled by the rest of us.

But do us all a favor and stuff your empty apologies wherever you want to stuff them. You're just sorry you got caught.

You need to grow a pair. Become a part of the solution. Tell the world what delusion you were operating under that allowed you to sexually harass and assault those coworkers. Explain what you were thinking and feeling. Dig deep and write about it, speak about it and maybe, just maybe, your revelations will cause someone else to think twice before engaging in that repulsive behavior in the future.

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