Dear Starbucks Lady...

You would have thought I asked for a vodka on the rocks or a light for my cigarette.
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Stop judging me. I may be the pot calling the kettle black here, because it is human nature to make judgements, but in regards to this situation, I'd like you to stop or at least make silent judgements, like the rest of the world does.

Last Thursday was a particularly hectic morning. Riley protested almost everything from the moment she got up. She wanted to wear her penguin pajamas to school, not the outfit I picked out for her. She wanted to open the yogurt with her teeth, in the middle, not at the top the way you are supposed to. She waited to do her "business" until after the coat, boots, and hat had been put on, not before or waiting until we got to school. She wanted to drive (make believe of course) not sit in her carseat. The struggle to get out the door in the morning is real and on most days, even good days, there is not enough time for breakfast (for me) at home.

On this particular morning, I decided to treat myself to a Starbucks coffee. A fancy coffee in my opinion, as my normal coffee comes in the form of a k-cup (reusable) most mornings and is usually left on the table, half-full, and cold, by the time we leave the house. I was excited.

Being 7+ months pregnant, I treasure my one cup a day. I look forward to it, crave it even, and the fact that I was going to be able to sip it slowly on my drive to work, while listening to real music, not Baby Beluga on repeat, was just icing on the cake. I waited patiently in line, reading emails and checking Facebook, and waddled up to the counter when the woman said "next."

Here is how our interaction went:

Me: "Hi, I'll have a Grande Vanilla Latte please, extra hot."

SBL (Starbucks lady): "Decaf?" -- legitimate question. I am pregnant, maybe I forgot to say decaf... etc.

Me: "No, I'll have a regular, thanks."

SBL: With a tilted head and look of concern, "Half-Cafe?"

Me: "No, I would like a regular coffee please."

SBL: "Okkk..." followed by a long pause and slight eye-roll.

I paid and moved down the line to wait for my coffee. The coffee that I had so been looking forward to and was now tainted by the judgement of a complete stranger. You would have thought I asked for a vodka on the rocks or a light for my cigarette. I'm not hurting my baby! My OB said 1-2 cups are fine, GIVE ME MY COFFEE, and do it with a judgement-free smile, please and thank you.

So, two important things to note:

  • Don't question a pregnant lady in need of her daily cup of joe- it will likely not end well for you.
  • Silent judgement is best.

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