Dear student-athletes - continue to Seek

Dear student-athletes - continue to Seek
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As a sports broadcaster and member of the Elite 11 staff for almost a decade I am around high school and collegiate student-athletes for two-thirds of the year. I can only imagine what it is like to be their age but with the current news around sport and society I felt the responsibility to write them a letter. This letter does not reflect anyone’s opinion but my own.

Dear Student-Athletes,

As the grandson of Holocaust survivors and the son of a refugee, I have witnessed the freedoms this nation was founded upon since childhood.

As an explorer of over 30 countries, I have walked the streets of nations where certain freedoms do not exist and talked to members of those communities as they spoke with reverence when referring to the USA.

As someone who has dedicated their life to the transformational power of sport, I know and have witnessed how sport can connect society at all levels.

Combining all of my life and professional experiences, I do trust and believe that our country represents opportunity and equality. I do trust and believe that our country will continue to show those around the globe that sport can unite.

You have a role in that as well.

As a storyteller, broadcaster and coach I have explored the question ‘What does it mean to be human?’ and learned that we all seek love, being a part of something larger than ourselves and the freedom to chase our dreams. Amid tweets, posts & debates I urge you embrace unique and even uncomfortable conversations and strengthen your desire to Seek.

We must continue to have meaningful discussions with you about social issues and social impact because YOU are the next generation of leaders and problem-solvers, in and outside of sport.

With our collective energy and actions, we can "be the change" that we want the world to see.


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