An Open Letter to Tim Curry

Dearest Tim,

According to the Hollywood Reporter, we recently learned that you suffered from a massive stroke some time in July of 2012. We were also informed that you were supposedly well on your way to a brilliant recovery in your Los Angeles home.

That report came to us on May 24, 2013, and since then we haven't heard another word.

No further updates, no inside source report. Because many people know that you and I were friends once, a long time ago, I have received many letters inquiring about what I might know of your condition. Alas, our friendship has not been active for more than 30 years, so I do not have access to your world, as I once did. In short, I do not know how you are and truth be known -- I am profoundly worried about you.

You see, Tim, you shaped my life. I am who I am because of you, my dear old friend. Had you not allowed me into your life so many years ago, my own life might have turned out completely different. After all, it was you who encouraged me to pursue just about everything I'm presently pursuing.

It was while sitting on the couch in the lobby of the Chateau Marmont that you said to me, "Just do it," in response to my asking you for advice on what I should do with my career. I wanted to be a writer, and way before Nike coined the phrase and used those very words as their slogan, you said, "Just do it." No funny business. No soliloquy or grand eloquent Britishisms. Just do it. I took it as sound advice and I've been doing it ever since that day. I was 18-years-old when we met, and now I am 54. How 'bout them apples?

You were the first person to turn me on to Japanese sake -- we even ate sushi together in Soho, another first for me. It was you who introduced me to all those ridiculously high-end liquors too, you bad boy. Pear brandy and champagne? Pims and Red Martinis? Who knew. But you always paid for my cab ride home and made sure I got there safe and sound. Do you remember playing with the Ouija board together? No, you didn't like the Ouija board at all.

You invited me everywhere, I felt so privileged! I remember when you called me at 6AM to ask me if I wanted to be in your music video. "I'm afraid there will be very few pennies in it for you," you explained as you gave me the address of the location and told me to be prepared to dress like Frank-n-Furter. "Oh?" I remember thinking. Oh indeed. And as if pennies would have made a difference to me. But then again, you knew I'd fly across the universe for you if you even hinted at a desire for me to be by your side.

Those were the good old days for me, the days when I'd be dressed so identically to you that if you were short a prop for your musical show, you knew to find me somewhere in the theatre -- that I'd have on my person the perfect buttonhole rose or that spritz of Armani cologne you needed. I was your half-lidded sister in crime, your little buddy, your beloved Doruschka -- as you called me from the first moment we met.

Tim, my dear, dear Tim, how much your precious life means to me. But not just to me, dear -- to thousands and thousands of your fans, out there, right now. We are waiting to hear word of your return to us, as each of us in our own individual way pray for your radiant health and well being.

You are so much more than a great star and a great talent, Tim. You are a life changer. You have caused revolution. You altered the destiny of more lives than you'll ever know -- and all for the good. What you did so long ago moved people to action. You moved me into action and when I saw you for the first time, I could not keep the fire inside me. I had to explode, I had to ignite the world with your name. For some reason the stars were aligned just right and the energy that leapt off you and into me allowed for a reaction that kept growing and growing. My love for you was so great that I caused a lot of attention, and I am hoping that I can stir up some of that VSOP attention right now and summon forth an enormous wave of love and healing for you -- with these words.

We are with you Tim. Your fans are not like any other fans. We're not just fans -- we're what you made of us, and what you made of us is pure love.

Take that love now, Tim, and heal. Get better. We love you with every beat of our hearts and your life means the world to us.

I love you, Tim. Always will.

Dori X