Dear Tom Corbin, I Am Not a 'Lesser Cut of Meat'

Today is another day where it's a drag to be a South Carolina resident. I love my home state for the beautiful weather, awesome destination cities and generally great people. Charleston is home to gorgeous beaches and cuisine and brought us The Notebook. Columbia has rich history and is where our politicians generally make good moves for their citizens. Most days, I'd be proud to say I'm a resident of the state of smiling faces and beautiful places. But, today, I'm not going to be tooting my SC pride horn, because a man from Greenville, SC, ironically a city rich in culture, has decided to open his mouth. This man is Tom Corbin, a GOP member of the South Carolina State Senate representing district 5. Apparently, this man, whom actual humans elected to office, believes women are, in fact, "a lesser cut of meat."

There's a lot to be said in regards to this, but first, let's look at the context of this statement. According to FITS News, the source that originally covered the story, comments such as these coming from Corbin are nothing new. In the past, he has touted opinions that women do not belong in the General Assembly and instead would do better "at home baking cookies" or "barefoot and pregnant." Apparently, he's known to still be in that "no girls allowed" phase most boys grow out of by at eight. To top it all off, his latest sentiments, demonstrating his butchery expertise, were apparently directed at Katrina Shealy, the only female senator in South Carolina. The setting? A meeting to discuss a pending criminal domestic violence (CDV) bill.

I did a little research and was quickly able to uncover some demographic information about the state he unfortunately represents. According to the latest census, South Carolina's population is 51.3 percent female. Greenville, one of two cities in his district, is 51.9 percent female and Spartanburg, the second city, is 55.9 percent female. Unfortunately for Tom, it looks like these numbers aren't on his side. Even if one were to assume all the men in South Carolina thought in a similar, primitive fashion the boys team would still be outweighed. Luckily, I can report that from personal experience, South Carolinian men are, for the most part, not sexist cavemen.

As far as the context of these comments goes, South Carolina happens to be the state with the highest number of women killed by men, twice the national average. One would think, a representative who is paid to keep up with state happenings, would be familiar with these chilling facts. I would even go so far as to say one who is informed of such things might attempt to contain their sexist comments for the duration of one meeting, particularly one addressing domestic violence. But maybe I'm asking too much.

Despite days like today, I happen to be a proud member of that 51.3 percent of South Carolinians that are female. I enjoy keeping up with what is happening in my home state and community and exercise my right to vote. Next time I do my civic duty of showing up to the polls, I will keep in mind what politicians are not there to support me and my 2,479,063 South Carolina sisters.

It turns out, women and even some men, are tired of seeing women treated like meat, much less being told they are a "lesser cut." South Carolinians and non-South Carolinians have already taken to Twitter to express their sentiments in regards to Corbin. The emojis and hashtags are flying and the result is wonderful.

If you too feel saddened to hear that yet another representative is letting down half of his constitutions, I would suggest you let him know. His email is made available right here, just saying. Or, if you're more of a chatter, his office phone number is public. I'm certain, as a civil servant, he would love to hear what you think.