Dear White Supremacists,

Dear White Supremacists,

I wanted to write about hope today, but I am angry and it appears I have struck a nerve in your hateful heart. On Monday night, five peaceful protesters in Minnesota were shot at a Black Lives Matter protest. Police are looking for three white supremacists who were taunting the crowd as they opened fire. Was it you?

Over the past few weeks, Americans have feared the terrorists could attack us on American soil. They did... in Minnesota. The terrorists are our own people. The victims are our own people. Hatred is causing us to kill ourselves- the suicide of a nation.

I can only blame you somewhat. It appears that our country is digressing before our very eyes. How else can we explain the nonchalant assaulting of a black man at a Trump rally, the ad hominem attacks of Black Lives Matter protesters as criminals, the emergence of white student unions, and the silence of leaders everywhere? It is as if they want us to kill each other.

I blame you for your cowardly acts of violence, but I also blame those who make these attacks acceptable by their language and politics; they spread paranoia with every opportunity they get. In a way, I actually feel sad for you. It must be a sad to live in a world without the music of jazz and blues, without the writings of James Baldwin or Toni Morrison- or have you failed to see the richness and warmth that the black culture brings to America? Maybe you do enjoy those things, hypocritically, and still hate the wonderful people who gave us these gifts.

You twisted my arguments to fit your propaganda; but amusingly, you took the time to read my article. Not only that, your response shows that it moved you. Maybe there is hope for you after all! Maybe love can overcome the callus of hate. Maybe education and exposure can replace your fear. I pray for you often and I hope that love might overcome your hate.

Feel free to twist my arguments and troll me on your neo-Nazi website, but most people see you for what you are: you are on the wrong side of justice.

Shea Watts