Dear WorkComp Coach - Is GoFundMe the best Hope for American Injured Workers?

Dear WorkComp Coach - Is GoFundMe the best Hope for American Injured Workers?
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In response to an invitation to guest blog on the topics of inciting mediation and settlements, a Workers’ Compensation industry ‘expert’ said,

"Linda while you are obviously well intentioned, your perspective is distorted. The vast majority of workers comp patients are treated fairly and well. A few are not. Your efforts and PP's denigrate and insult the hard work and diligence of many very good people in the workers comp industry." Read it again here... Then, move right along...
See what a California Worker’s Compensation “Super Lawyer” has to say on matters, Make Change Happen: Social Media & the Medical Review Process “... This isn't just about injured workers—every working Californian needs to be concerned about what will happen to them if they suffer an injury on the job and are denied the care they need....”


Dear WorkComp Coach: ‘This is great information. The tip of the iceberg just isn't enough and I thank you for sharing the bigger picture with me. Trust me we know how much of a nightmare this can be for the Employers and Employees. My concern is reducing the illegitimate claims that spike up the experience modification rate. It can be costly and some businesses may not survive these premium rates. After all it is an insurance company and we know what we can expect from that. I will look into these blogs, I definitely need all the information I can get my hands on.’ - HR Newbie

Further Notes to a Young HR Professional....

Dear Gentle Human Resources Newbie:

It was good writing that first article for you. Thank you for the opportunity!

Here are some further thoughts to ponder.

My general mode is necessarily extremely combative with some very formidable enemies of humanity, or basic psychopaths! I am known in the industry, feared by some.

Today I advocate on behalf of Injured Workers and help them strategize to break free from the shackles, torture and harm of the system through my blogs and with one and one support and networking and referrals for potential life saving help. I also interact with influencers on behalf of the Injured Workers, with aims toward case resolution and freedom from Workers’ Compensation.

Workers’ Compensation truly is a life threatening system. That is a harsh reality to grasp. It seems to take approximately 2 years "in the system" for most injured workers to realize they are in a life and death fight.

Two years of denied medical care, withheld benefits, fraudulent medical reports, and worse seems to be the turning point for many.

Failed surgeries by known indicted and convicted doctors are not uncommon.

California has recent busts of rings of such white-coat criminals. These criminals are often well paid, protected, and serial repeat offenders. The costs are heavy to injured workers and to employers and other taxpayers.

Professional friends, reluctant to speak out, will often tell friends to "Get out of work comp by any means necessary. It will kill you."

As you can see... fake claims are improbable.

Follow the money. Doctors are often paid thousands of dollars for "flawed reports" used to deny medical care. That is felony fraud. The Department of Industrial Relations often refers to those felony acts as simple “mis-behavior.” [No kidding, can’t make that stuff up, either!]

It is seldom prosecuted white collar crime that disables and kills Citizens across America. Canada, UK and Australia have similar issues, and Australians seem to best organized; Canadians seem most vocal and unafraid of their government. Americans, sadly, seem to just hit their knees and die begging for help, symptomatic of learned helplessness. Quite UnAmerican, but many have been abused and tortured too long and are unable to fight back.

Be aware that fraudulent claims by injured workers are commonly known to be less than a fraction of one percent.

The bulk WorkComp fraud includes those hucksters who profit by the shell games and corruption that apparently leads to some very high places.

The propaganda machinery of the industry is well funded and vicious in efforts to protect the business model of PROFITS BEFORE LIVES.

I hope this helps! It may help others also, so I will make a little mini series of blogs on the points you have mentioned----maintaining your anonymity.

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask and I will respond in a blog. Others may then add comments.

I will also create a list of resources for people "new to WorkComp" including some powerful LinkedIn groups and Facebook pages and groups.

I recommend that you START A LINKED IN GROUP for your peers, and include and embrace Injured Workers, to explore issues and potential solutions.

There is an industry misconception that "the average IQ of an Injured Worker is 90." That is blatantly false, but it illustrates the vile nature of those harming and oppressing workers hurt on the job.

The conferences and workshops for industry people are usually very high end... think St Regis - Dana Point, Westin -Rancho Mirage etc.

Search the article "All of This Because Somebody Got Hurt at Work" for details on how the industry parties and profits on the misfortune and oppression of injured and disabled people, while injured workers lose their health, jobs, homes, relationships and their lives. Age and gender discrimination are also factors; California seems to lead the way.

For "graduate level studies" search "Romano Trust vs Sedgwick" ... the sad story of denied medical care of a Ralph's Market Employee, Charles Romano, RIP, for a shoulder injury that resulted in death.

A group of CA attorneys apparently attempted to indict the adjuster and others for murder. The carrier was said to have been fined $100.000. That seems to have set the national standard to protect carrier profits.

In a catastrophic injury or complications, a $100,000 fine for wrongful death is apparently deemed more economically practical than providing "immediate, reasonable and appropriate medical care" that leads to return to work, with or without accommodations.

The interactive process requirements of "FEHA" is another important subject for California Human Resources people to be thoroughly familiar with.

Litigation is invited when HUMAN RESOURCES fails in initial obligations, and fails to express genuine compassion and concern, and respect for human rights.

Human resources failures to train in workplace safety and handling of accidents is another cause of litigation and resultant legal and premium costs.

Workers Compensation requires complete and total demolition. Until that day happens, people of goodwill must necessarily help Injured Workers escape the brutality of one of America's most vicious and violent and dangerous systems, IMHO.

Yes. Einstein reminded us, "Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act" and as Martin Luther King reminded us,

Best wishes and regards,

Linda Ayres

The following blog discusses the question:


Something is terribly wrong with Workers’ Compensation, isn’t it?

Feel free to let your WorkCompCoach know if you have further questions. Till then, blog on and #DodgeTheRads!

Best regards,

#DodgeTheRads and Think locally * Act globally * Occupy Virtually

PS. See the questions compiled after discussions with several injured workers in the blog -- the tab, WHAT'S YOUR WORK COMP STORY. Ask your carrier's broker to comment on what happens when/if such circumstances prevail....

#DodgeTheRads #OccupyVirtually Be ITK about Your Radiation This Week No 73 and 74

PPS If you think Florida Workers' Compensation is BAD, google Florida Radioactive Sink Hole and read about the 18.6 million poisoned --- and how hushed it has been. At least in Workers' Compensation, all the deep dirty dark secrets are OPEN SECRETS....widely known, more widely ignored.


#DodgeTheRads and remember remember...

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