The Tiniest 'Game of Thrones' Character Died Like The Biggest Boss And Twitter Is Stanning

And the actress who plays her was happy when she learned about her character's fate.

Game of Thrones” lost many beloved characters during Sunday night’s episode “The Long Night,” but one stood out from the rest. 

This piece is dark and full of spoilers.

Lyanna Mormont ― the tiny but mighty 13-year-old and head of House Mormont of Bear Island ― went out in a blaze of glory as she took down the Night King’s biggest soldier, an undead giant. Mormont, the cousin to fellow fan-favorite Jorah Mormont, ran head-on at the zombie giant and died as he crushed her in his fist. Before she died, however, she made sure to stab the big, bad giant in his undead blue eye with some dragon glass.

Mormont, played by actress Bella Ramsey, was only supposed to be a one-scene character, creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss explained in extras after the episode. The mighty warrior was such a fan-favorite, however, that Benioff and Weiss decided they had to write more for her. 

Ramsey told Entertainment Weekly she was looking forward to this season’s script and was happy when her character’s glorious demise was finally revealed. 

“I wanted to either end up on the Iron Throne or have a really good death. So I’m happy,” she said. 

Twitter users obviously had a field day as they tipped their hats to the tiniest badass “Game of Thrones” has ever seen. 

“WE STAN A 13 OLD YEAR OLD QUEEN WHO TOOK OUT A WHOLE ASS GIANT BY HERSELF,” one Twitter user wrote. Another added Mormont “is and always will be” a hero. 

Valar morghulis Lady Lyanna.