Election Prediction by Einstein: Trump Wins, Common Sense Prevails

According to the logic of Albert Einstein the "deplorables" Hillary Clinton despises supporting Mr. Trump are the sane common sense voters. The brainy Einstein reasoning sums up the choice for this critical presidential election, "Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Like a roller coaster ride at Universal Studios, the "Back to The Future" theme emerges. While waiting in the doctor's office post-debate interesting first-hand polling analysis flowed in the chatter of diverse Americans, notably the common sense desiring change deplorable voters versus the Einstein insane for status quo. The comment that I looked like a younger sister of Hillary drew a humorous anecdote response. I shared that years ago while traveling on British Airways from JFK to London when I got up to use the bathroom suddenly a woman yelled out "Hillary" and I turned around and saw it was my friend Benazir Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan. We laughed and kibitzed when she realized it was me. Dynamics of random encounters are full of surprises. This doctor's office visit was one of those unique experiences. Comparison to Hillary was the catalyst for open dialogue, perhaps validating rumors of a "new silent majority." Unexpectedly an attractive African-American middle-aged woman held up the cover of Fortune magazine dated September 15, with a nice picture of the Democrat nominee alongside the relevant question, "Is Hillary Good for Business?" Igniting lively sparring in the otherwise quiet reception room. The elegant black lady carrying a red designer briefcase scoffed at the publication title proclaiming it was absurd, "Hillary has no business experience and doesn't know how to create jobs." Then an elderly white bespectacled gentleman shouted out "better the devil you know." He said he was a Bernie supporter because he is a socialist and wants universal health care. His guy lost so now he's for Hillary, "next best choice" he says. Inspiring the young trendy Latina millennial sitting by her mother's side to jump in and surprisingly state, "We need change, we can't trust Hillary, she only cares about Hillary. Did you see her smirk? She thinks she's got it in the bag. Bernie was good for change but now Trump is our best hope." In the words of Gomer Pyle, "Surprise, surprise!"

Status Quo is Pro-Elitism and Anti-Middle Class

For intellectuals who think they know better than plain-street folks, Einstein has more to say, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." This iconic 20th century genius was conscience driven. Einstein taught us, "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." One could argue that the popular TV media is turning a blind eye to change. Why? From CNN to MSNBC to CBS and ABC, all except Fox, embody the "C" which seemingly stands for Clinton in their corporate moniker and mission. Are they fearful of populist change because they can control or be controlled by status quo politicians? Both can and do. An unhealthy co-dependency. All about power and money. Even the well-mannered debate moderator was intimidated by the political diva, arriving on stage with an arrogant attitude. Media reports just prior to the debate informed that Les Holt was "nervous with legs shaking," reportedly because he had been bugged nonstop by the Hillary team. One can only surmise by the advantage he gave her in extra time and soft-ball questions that trickle down works. Like the Frank Sinatra song, someone who is used to "My Way", was the view shining through during and following Monday's Round One Presidential Debate.

But modest voters don't appreciate being patronized. Gleeful gloating demonstrates status quo elitism is out of touch with the real plight of working Americans. All the celebrity power in the world can't top the real power in America-the middle class workers. The status quo campaign slogan with another dimming star is illuminating- "I'm With Her" instead of "She's For Us." Banners "stronger together" are tactical marketing. Real change requires action by creating growth opportunities for American entrepreneurs and workers while growing the middle class, that is what will lead to national unity.

America needs to offer vocational training in every high school to prepare youth to work and to understand how to manage money. We need to train more plumbers, electricians, computer programmers, bakers and health-care workers. Fewer lawyers and less college-debt without guaranteed jobs to pay it off.

Media and voters, what sustainable American jobs offering growth has the status quo candidate over the last decades personally created? Which onerous job-killing regulations have been eliminated by the status quo nominee to make economic growth sustainable? How have our inner-cities been lifted by status quo? One of the most promising neighborhoods is the L.A.-Crenshaw district but it has regressed beyond imagination. Shameful Status Quo!

American Workers Need Results Not Rhetoric

Working daily on the front lines in family businesses offers insight into American middle class workers goals. They are not amused by being used by status quo career-politicians to get elected and then forgotten when in office. Many are struggling to survive and recklessly raising minimum wages is not the right solution. Middle class workers and small-medium businesses know it. But status quo politicians are clueless. This tactic for votes is woefully misguided and harmful to workers. It is already costing many more middle class jobs to flee to Mexico, Europe and Asia and creating more government dependency. American workers are forced to pay the non-workers bills.

How does this socialist-style economic policy help millennials to become successful and ever own a home? It doesn't, it enslaves them like the minorities in our inner-cities have become enslaved by status quo political policies, predominately implemented by the Democratic Party. Costing neighborhoods and livelihoods. That is what is truly deplorable.

As a side thought, many Democrat friends while working together in our inner-cities, ask why I chose to be Republican.. It is specifically because of being pro-worker, pro-entrepreneur, pro-U.S. Constitution, opposed to all forms of slavery including dependency on government and being pro-life including supporting the opportunity for all to be healthy and successful-helping the vulnerable in the womb and elderly. I believe the only healthy dependency is with God. He created us to be independent except from Him. I don't like labeling people, but if asked I proudly hold being Christian, an American and an Independent-minded Republican CEO and my central role is Mom.

American Workers Need Red and Blue Working For Their Future

One need only look at cities like Los Angeles and states like California after foolishly enacting high minimum wages and anti-business regulations, causing small and medium size companies to move middle class jobs to business-worker friendly states like Florida. Now more companies are moving more middle class jobs overseas. This is fact, fictitious promises of higher income by forcing higher wages is a farce. Not sustainable growth. Exactly what status quo wants and relies upon for special interest elites to thrive. Status quo policies for economic recovery and growth show that the true blue color is not for "blue collar" workers, rather for helping "blue-blood elites." Businesses need fair competition and fair trade for economic growth for workers.

Secretary Clinton does not understand about growing small, medium businesses. If she did she would not put forth ill-conceived anti-small business, anti-worker, anti-middle class policies expressed in response to the first question of the debate. The moderator forgot to ask- "Who will pay for all the give-away promises?" Under status quo leadership- the American middle class worker pays.

The preachy response from the debate pulpit that all Americans have a bias- with all due respect, please speak only for yourself- Madame Secretary. The question was about the men and women who are "true blue" working in law enforcement, waking up to uncertainty every day, getting dressed in their uniforms and loyally going to the front lines to protect and serve, risking their humble lives for every American. From my personal experience of working side by side for decades with the valiant LAPD and Los Angeles Sheriffs in South Central Los Angeles where I grew up, sadly it is now one of America's most dangerous inner-cities. The only bias these patriotic American men and women in blue (and beige) have is against criminals who want to harm innocent Americans. That's the truth. Why not tell voters the truth? Pandering for inner-city votes trying to convince middle class workers that status quo is good for them is not being honest. Failed actions or inaction repeated leads to failed futures-that is what Einstein smartly informs us. That's why we need to change status quo.

American Workers Need Honest Advocates

"Monday night quarterback" political pundits continue to give advice but in the end it's the American middle class workers and American small and mid-size businesses who stand to lose the most by status quo winning the election. Big business and political elites from both parties are happy with status quo and support the status quo candidate because of self-interest. It is extremely disappointing to see some of the GOP establishment like members of the Bush Family, Mitt Romney and Governor Kasich turn a blind eye to the middle class American workers because of bruised egos. No one is entitled to a political office; it must be earned not inherited with the mentality of "it's my turn." Honest advocacy for the American worker wins the right to serve them. All candidates who sign pledges to support their party's nominee but renege demonstrate they are not trustworthy. It highlights how easy it is for career-politicians to make and break promises.

American Workers Need Sustainable Futures

To make greater profits by shipping American middle-class jobs overseas, the gigantic global corporations and international billionaire elites need status quo to win. It's win-win for them. When have we seen Ford leadership, headquartered in struggling Michigan, fight for why it's good to build cars in Mexico? This election. Why? Because status quo is finally being challenged by a leader who has the guts, the vision and the successful business background to truly shake up status quo. CEO Trump is fighting for the American middle class workers and families. That is his expressed motivation for President. His desire is to serve the American people. He is leading the fight for more jobs, greater security and sustainable growth in America. Every career-politician promises the "American Dream" to voters, but we now have an opportunity to elect someone with real sustainable economic development skills to make that desired goal a reality for all American workers. Not another phony "pay to play" scheme enriching only the elites at the expense of hard-working American patriots.

American Workers Plea to Independent and Skeptical Voters: Think Big!

This race is the most critical election of our lifetime for our children and grandchildren. Their future security will depend on whether we vote for secure borders and sustainable economic growth opportunities for American workers and small, medium American businesses or we accept status quo global elite corruption controlling our leaders and destiny. Race and religion does play a vital role. Both need to be respected, protected and freely embraced. America is called to be the leading land of freedom and opportunity for all people. Not a corrupt country led by the few for the few, but a virtuous nation of the people, by the people, and for the people. All the American people. How America leads in 2017 and beyond will define the course of the world. Are we to be a virtuous Constitution based U.S.A. as our Founders deemed? It is our responsibility to ensure all Americans have the greatest possible opportunity to be healthy, secure and prepared to fulfill individual and collective destiny.

Closing consideration, Einstein wisely counsels us, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." No more automatic entitlement of career-politicians or dynasties to rule. America needs a new way. Recalling President Reagan's message, "Status Quo, you know is Latin for-the mess we're in." Let us honestly stand strong together, replacing failed status quo with a new kind of leader who will work tirelessly for American middle class families. Like Marty painfully discovered on his dream journey in the hit film "Back to The Future," American workers, let us vote common sense by taking our country back, together creating and directing our nation into a blockbuster future.

Fellow American workers, brothers and sisters- Alleluia, Amen.