Life Just Got A Whole Lot Better For Vet, Cancer Survivor Who Got Home Makeover

This army veteran and cancer survivor's life is going to get easier because of a team of Home Depot employees.

Veteran Debbie Coleman of Gilbert, Arizona, is a single mom whose battle with cancer left her with mobility issues, according to Fox 10 News. Earlier this month, Coleman's home was renovated and modified to make her daily life run smoother, thanks to a local Home Depot crew.

"It's amazing," Coleman told 3TV News. "I never would've guessed in a million years that they were going to do this much. Anything they do for me, I'm grateful."

The renovation was done as part of the Home Depot Foundation's Celebration of Service program, in which Home Depot associates remodel and renovate the homes of women veterans and their families, according to the organization's website.

Coleman says the crew's work will ease some of the challenges she faces in her daily tasks.

"I had cancer, double mastectomy, so mobility is a problem, so they're trying to make my life easier with storage, ways that I can lift and do things like that," the veteran told 3TV.

While the Home Depot crew is modifying the home for Coleman's easier use, they are also adding some decorative touches to the property. The crew is adding a paved stone sitting area in the backyard, rebuilding a fountain and adding a vegetable garden on top of the other renovations, team leader George Page told 3TV.

"Our associates ... jump at the chance to participate and give back," Page told the outlet. "It's a great feeling."

While the Home Depot team says their work is rewarding, Coleman says it's much more to her than a renovation.

"They're saving the world that I live in -- the one that I call home," she told Fox 10.



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