Debbie Dunnegan Waters, Missouri Official, Wonders Why Military Can't Launch Coup Against President Obama

An elected official in Missouri is trying to explain herself after penning a Facebook post that ponders why the military hasn't deposed President Barack Obama in a coup d'etat.

Debbie Dunnegan Waters, a Republican serving as Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch she had "no ill intent toward the president" when she asked why the military hasn't "taken action against our domestic enemy," who she identified as "supposedly the commander in chief."

Her Facebook page is private, however her comments were reposted on social media:

Dunnegan wrote:

I have a question for all my friends who have served or are currently serving in our military ... having not put on a uniform nor taken any type military oath, there has to be something that I am just not aware of. But I cannot and do not understand why no action is being taken against our domestic enemy. I know he is supposedly the commander in chief, but the constitution gives you the authority. What am I missing? Thank you for your bravery and may God keep you safe.

“I just wanted to know what oath (the military) took,” Dunnegan told St. Louis Public Radio in a telephone interview. “I'm not calling the president a domestic enemy. I’m not calling the president anything. He is the president. Do I agree with what the president is doing? Absolutely not. Anybody that asks me, I’ll be happy to tell you that.”

Dunnegan also took to Twitter to say her post was being "twisted."

“Something innocent and simple got twisted into a disaster because it’s an election,” Dunnegan told the Post-Dispatch.

Dunnegan is running for re-election in November.