Debbie Gibson Rocks A Leotard At 42 During NBA Game

Former teen idol Debbie Gibson proved that age is nothing but a number when she rocked a teeny leotard for a performance at the New York Knicks game recently.

Gibson donned a sparkling, plunging leotard with fishnet tights when she hit Madison Square Garden for a performance on Thursday, Nov. 14 during the Knicks versus Houston Rockets game, Us Weekly noted. The 42-year-old strutted her stuff on the court, wearing just the bodysuit and a pair of heels.

How does she look so fabulous?

"Happiness and awareness!" Gibson told Celebzter last year. "I am not rigid with my eating. But, as of late I am aware that certain foods may have certain repercussions and I know that –- for instance –- if I want to maintain a certain weight or am preparing to be on camera, if I gain more than 2 lbs in a day, the next day I fast until dinner and then eat a piece of steak and salad. It resets your weight instantly having a protein load and salad. Amazing!"

She told the website she works out only once or twice a week and maintains a healthy diet full of lean proteins and vegetables.

debbie gibson

debbie gibson



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