Debbie Gibson Saves Children Via Twitter

How many lives can you change in 140 characters?

Debbie Gibson, a proud supporter of Children International, did just that, with one tweet. For the past 20 years, Debbie has made it her personal ambition to not only sponsor children all over the globe, but decided it was time to advocate the cause as well.

Taking to Twitter, Debbie pleaded for help from her loyal followers. With the goal of finding sponsors for ten impoverished children, she achieved this feat in less than two days.

Take a look at how Debbie supports the cause:

Sponsoring over 350,000 children worldwide, Children International has been providing critical assistance to children and families struggling in poverty for over 75 years. Through a small donation each month, Children International gives sponsored children access to community centers offering positive places for education, free medical and dental exams, food and relief supplies, and more. Differing from similar charities, Children International strongly encourages sponsors to visit their sponsored children, facilitating over 800 visits per year.

So next time you shoot out a tweet, think of how those 140 characters could change a life... or 10. Check out the Children International website to see how you can join the cause.

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