Debbie Reynolds' Movie Memorabilia Up For Auction

Debbie Reynolds' massive movie memorabilia collection is up for auction this Saturday, but the public still has a chance to see a slice of it at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills. Some of the costumes on display include dresses worn by Rita Hayworth and Ginger Rogers, furniture props used by Greta Garbo and Katharine Hepburn, and even a car, reports the LA Times.

Reynolds has been buying up props, costumes, and film posters for over fifty years. Most of her collection comes from Academy Award winning films and is "the world’s most significant collection of Hollywood memorabilia," as the Paley Center puts it. Reynolds decided to part ways with the collection after 35 years (she calls it "giving up") when she realized there was no interest in building a museum to permanently display the pieces. Reynolds said, "I'm heartbroken. I don't want to see the collection broken up. It should stay intact. It's a real shame but that's the way it's going to be," according to the Daily Mail.

This Saturday's auction will feature about seven hundred pieces from Reynolds' collection and is open to auction bidders only. Experts expect the first auction to bring in about $4-6 million, according to the LA Times.

The Paley Center
465 North Beverly Drive (at S. Santa Monica Blvd.)
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Wednesday, June 15 - Friday, June 17 (12-5pm)

Debbie Reynolds Costume Collection