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Deborah Ann Woll, 'True Blood' Actress, Met Her Boyfriend On (VIDEO)

Deborah Ann Woll plays vampire Jessica Hamby on HBO's "True Blood," where Bill Compton is her "maker" and she had to break up with her boyfriend Hoyt Fortenberry so she could focus on satisfying her vampire urges. But in her real life, Woll's love life is much simpler: she met her boyfriend of four years on

Woll talked about her relationship with comedian E.J. Scott on "Good Day LA" in an interview that almost sounded like an ad for the online dating site. She even joked, "I feel like we should get some money out of this."

Scott suffers from a rare eye disease called choroideremia, which has caused him to become legally blind. His honesty and openness about his disease impressed Woll from the beginning. "He put it up on his profile, and I thought that was so brave, that he was so open about it," she said.

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