Deborah Lindquist: Dressing Your Mom in Style for Mother's Day

By Deborah Lindquist

"Are you wearing that?" My mom asks me.

In my fearless quest to create my teenage sense of style, I did sometimes come up with "interesting" ideas. "Oh, do you mean this purple turtleneck bodystocking with a neon lime green micro miniskirt?" (This was before Punk Glam designer Stephen Sprouse made neon a hot trend.)


So she may not ask you those questions anymore (with that look!) and besides that, you're now certain to wear just the right thing for her Mother's Day brunch, flea market shopping excursion, getaway, or whatever your day together brings.

Mother's Day is the perfect day to give your mom something fun to wear. Not only will she think of you every time she wears it, you know her well enough to know her favorite things. Here are some ideas for the perfect Mother's Day gift.

The pretty floral
Always in fashion, a pretty floral print skirt can be a great Mother's Day gift choice. This handpainted floral skirt is made of vintage kimono fabric, and is a lovely piece for your mom to wear to a brunch date out with her family.

Photo by Chika Okazumi

An artistic sweater
Cardigans are the easiest layering pieces ever invented. Designed to button up or not, they become favorite go-to pieces when you just don't know how the weather will be today. Pops of color and artistic appliques make this reincarnated cashmere sweater a work of art and a fun piece to wear anywhere. Layer it over a basic top or dress and you're prepared for the day.

Photo by Chika Okazumi

A lot of kisses
Mothers are all about love, and Mother's Day is the day to celebrate all the love she gives. From your earliest boo-boo kisses to the ones she now gives to her grandchildren, the love goes on. It's funny how kisses can change everything -- even make a scraped knee feel better. It's as if they are magic. Spread some of those magic kisses around and give her a kiss appliqued scarf. No size required, just a fun piece covered in kisses.

Photo by Chika Okazumi

Have a great Mother's Day, filled with happiness and love. Whatever you choose to do with your mom, knowing that you gave her a fashionable gift will keep you from asking the question, "Mom, are you wearing that?"

As one of America's most sought after environmentally conscious designers, Deborah Lindquist creates exquisite apparel out of a mix of "reincarnated" and new Earth-friendly fabrics, such as cashmere, hemp and bamboo. Lindquist's avant-garde apparel has been showcased in numerous publications including Elle, In Style, Lucky, WWD, Vibe, People, Brides and Maxim. You can also catch her one-of-a-kind pieces during episodes of Lifetime's How to Look Good Naked and Access Hollywood's Hollywood Green. She has dressed trendsetters such as Rihanna, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Keisha Cole and Jessica Alba. Check out her press page and blog to learn more about Deborah.