Debra Messing: Gay Rights Is 'Part Of My Life Mission'

Debra Messing shot to fame as the star of "Will & Grace," and since then, has been regarded as a staunch advocate for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

As it turns out, the 45-year-old Emmy Award winner says her longtime support of LGBT causes is no accident, citing a teacher whom she lost to HIV/AIDS as personal inspiration.

"Once 'Will and Grace' became the socially important show that it became, it really did start to feel like that was sort of part of my life mission," she told HuffPost Live this week.

Messing, who will next be seen on the forthcoming series "Mysteries of Laura," said that her role in the beloved-but-cancelled NBC series "Smash" also tied into her passion for the underdog.

"It was also showing the world a community that is not often celebrated or that people don't really know very much about," she said. "I think there's something thematic about [my] work."

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