Debra Messing Questions Why Kim Kardashian Is Hosting 'SNL' And She Won't Like The Answer

"Am I missing something," Messing wrote about Kardashian's hosting gig, to which one fan responded, "Yes Debra ... like the last 40 years."

Kim Kardashian West famously once sent gifts to her enemies ― an esteemed group of individuals that includes both Taylor Swift and Sarah Michelle Gellar ― so if history repeats itself, Debra Messing should be getting a nice fruit basket any day now.

The “Will & Grace” alum reacted not-so-kindly to the news that the reality star will be making her “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut in an upcoming episode airing this fall.

Messing, who has long expressed her desire to appear on the late-night sketch series, questioned the SKIMS founder’s credibility Wednesday on Twitter.

Failing to grasp that all KarJenners are, first and foremost, in the business of promoting themselves, the actor wrote, “Why Kim Kardashian? I mean, I know she is a cultural icon, but SNL has hosts, generally, who are performers who are there to promote a film, TV show, or album launch. Am I missing something?”

The thing about asking a question on the internet is that it will be answered — and sometimes quite brutally, as fans were quick to check Messing for shading Kardashian West.

“Yes Debra, you are missing something. Like the last 40 years,” one person wrote. “You may not like her, but as you say, KK is a cultural icon. SNL has had athletes, politicians, community leaders, models, businessmen and media personalities as hosts. I am not a fan of her, but she may be great.”

“Sry we do not take opinions on comedy show casting from people who have beef with Megan Mullally,” another added, referencing Messing’s rumored feud with her “Will & Grace” co-star.

“She’s producing some Hulu shows, drops clothing lines every 5 seconds and frees a few humans from wrongful incarceration hun maybe extend your list of criteria to fit the modern celebrity,” a different fan commented in response. “It’s dated.”

Others seemed to agree with Messing’s jab, criticizing “SNL” for bringing Kardashian West on as yet another ratings stunt akin to having Elon Musk host the show last year.

But Messing is nothing if not consistent, as she also publicly raged against the decision to bring the SpaceX founder to Studio 8H when his casting was announced.

For what it’s worth, Kardashian West doesn’t seem too invested in her haters and has yet to react to Messing’s dig about her hosting gig.

She did, however, celebrate the news on Twitter, writing, “OMFG no turning back now!!!! LOL I’m hosting SNL!!!!!”

Kardashian West will be joined by musical guest Halsey for the Oct. 9 episode, while Owen Wilson will host the show for the first time to open its 47th season alongside Kacey Musgraves on Oct. 2.

As for how Kardashian West is preparing for her big debut, an unnamed source told Entertainment Tonight, “Kim is very excited to host SNL, and plans to poke fun at herself and the family. She has a great sense of humor.”

“Kim takes everything she does very serious and has already started preparing for the big night,” the source added. “Kim also has a lot of famous comedian friends she can lean on for help.”