Debra Miller, Missing Mom, Says She Needed To 'Get Away'

After nearly two weeks of searching, missing Pennsylvania mom Debra Miller has been found, safe and alive. Moreover, police say the 38-year-old woman was not abducted, as suspected by her friends and family.

Miller, who was reported missing before Thanksgiving, had been traveling in Orlando, Fla. According to Tinicum Township police, she left Pennsylvania voluntarily because she just needed to "get away," reports

Authorities last week told The Huffington Post that Miller was last seen on Nov. 17, when she returned to her Tinicum Township home after grocery shopping. She disappeared from her residence shortly thereafter and had not been seen since. Her vehicle was found at her home and calls to her cellphone went unanswered, police said.

At the time of Miller's disappearance, Tinicum Township police Chief Steve Edmiston told HuffPost investigators found no evidence of foul play but wanted to "make sure nothing bad happened to her."

Miller's family, however, was concerned she may have met with foul play.

Speaking with The Delaware County Daily Times, Miller's brother, Mickey Sullivan, said it was out of character for his sister to leave without telling someone. Miller's teenage daughter recently celebrated her birthday and family members said she would not have missed the event by choice.

Friends and family of Miller handed out fliers, used social media to seek information, and spent countless hours searching wooded areas to rule out the possibility she had been murdered and her body dumped.

The search for Miller continued until Wednesday, when she landed in Pennsylvania on a return flight from Florida. According to police, she had taken a Greyhound bus to the Sunshine State on the day she disappeared. No other explanation –- other than she "needed to get away" –- has been offered.

Authorities have yet to comment on how many man hours they invested in the search for Miller or how much money her impromptu vacation – a trip she apparently revealed to no one – cost local taxpayers for search efforts.



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