Debra Winger, Robert Stickgold Reveal How To Recall Your Dreams (VIDEO)

Our dreams could provide insight into our minds and uncover parts of our conscious we didn't even know were in play -- but what happens if you don't remember them once you open your eyes?

The key to remembering your dreams may lie in how you approach your waking state. Robert Stickgold, Harvard Medical School psychiatrist and dream specialist, tells actor Debra Winger that our brains only have a few moments to capture those illusive images we generate in our sleep. Anything that immediately engages our senses -- whether it's an alarm clock or a nudge from our partners -- can dissolve the scenes that just played out in our minds.

"When you wake up, the first thing you do is lie still and don't open your eyes," Stickgold says. "And just rehearse it in your mind and you can often pull back more detail that way."

Learn more about recalling dreams in the video above. Then, tell us in the comments the methods you use to remember your night visions.

recalling dreams

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