Debunking the Lonely Girl Myth


Let me make this one clear for you: YOU ARE NOT ALONE BECAUSE YOU ARE UNLOVEABLE. Many people have been able to love you in your life, so you are absolutely are lovable. Let's make that clear right now. The media has portrayed a picture of the types of women that should be loved (the sexy model figures and Beyonces of the world) and that is simply myth. So if you are alone and feel strange about it, pick yourself up and read this with an open mind. You are not alone because you are unlovable; thats just your mind playing tricks on you. In fact, loneliness is a good thing for our growth as women. It gives you a chance to connect to your truth and to trust that truth. All you need is your truth, lot's of gold glitter, love and self worth. The right people that are attracted to this NEW YOU will come to you.

From the beginning of our existence on this Earth, as children, we are taught to go against our own inner knowing. Our own inner voice. Our well-intentioned parents and the media have taught us to do things their way (and some of the ways they taught us has helped us be who we are today) yet some ways of doing things we do not resonate with.

For example, there are many of you that have had problems and issues that are not really yours. It may be getting into toxic relationships like your mom has. As humans, we learn very fast and we learn in patterns. When we see our parents (or people in the media doing it) we tend to carry out a pattern, we think we should do too. That is not always the case! When it is unhealthy, we can create our own patterns of health, and turn it into a win for ourselves.

We learn how to do things from our parents that are both good and not so good. Some people become disconnected from their spirit, from their own inner knowing because they never found a way to independence, to speak up, to live their truths confidently. They never found a way to be there own self and not have to be like everyone else.

To be uniquely you, is the most valuable thing to your spirit, to your spiritual and mental health. Your essence is unique, and it is time to celebrate that unique essence within you. The only way to experience this is to become more present.

Here are some ways to experience your truth, that has worked for many women.

Firstly, you don't need to feel alone. Include yourself in. If you do feel alone, don't worry, it's normal. Many people feel alone. The truth is, ultimately, you are uniquely you and the only you that there will ever will be in this earthly experience. There is no other soul like you in this world. You may have a family and friends you deeply resonate with, but no one of them is you. Celebrating your uniqueness is empowering!

Experiencing what you experience in beauty and truth is a highly effective in feeling good about yourself. No one but YOU knows the truth about you and your journey.

You are unique to your own truths, your own experience.

Sometimes you can feel alone when we are not with friends, family or just people around. The other side of it and also true is that we are never alone! You are with our spirit guides, you are with guides that are heavenly assigned to you to keep you in the Present moment, you have your higher self always with you. You are never alone!

Secondly, loving yourself is important for you to accept who you truly are. Without needing to be better or needing to feel approval from others. When you truly love yourself, your own approval goes beyond anyone else's approval of you.

This time alone is precious. It is a miracle for us as a collective of powerful and evolving women. A time for blossoming and reveal.

Be present at this time. Listen for your truth from within, Remember who you are. Rejecting the mind of it's crazy stories is the best bet. Your soul knows the way, trust it.

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