Please Stop Calling 911 To Report This Gruesome 'Decapitated Body'

Police in Tennessee do not want to hear about it.

Halloween arrived early in one part of Tennessee and sparked a panicked 911 call to police.

Joseph Lovergive’s Halloween display of a man who’d been decapitated by his Greeneville home’s garage door was so life-like that his neighbor, Johnny Riddle, reported what he thought was a dead body to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday.

I thought it was somebody,” Riddle later told WJHL. “I thought it was somebody laying up there on the driveway.”

Deputies showed up at Lovergive’s house and soon determined that the “body” was a Halloween decoration that the homeowner had put out more than a month early.

The department shared the above photograph of the display to Facebook soon after, and warned residents not to “call 911 reporting a dead body.”

“Instead, congratulate the homeowner on a great display,” it added.

Most of the department’s followers appeared to appreciate the super-realistic exhibit:

Some, however, weren’t so keen:

Others, meanwhile, just pointed out what they considered to be a flaw in the display:

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