Decapitated Woman, Mutilated Dogs Found In Phoenix Home

It gets worse.

A decapitated woman and mutilated dogs were found in a Phoenix apartment Saturday morning and police arrested their lead suspect: A man at the apartment with a severed arm and a missing eye. 

The horrific scene was discovered at 9:45 a.m. by a neighbor who went to check on the unidentified suspect, who lived in the apartment, according to AZ Central. The 43-year-old suspect opened the door for his neighbor after cutting off his left arm below the elbow and removing his eye, officials told local news station ABC15.  

The neighbor could see blood on the walls inside and contacted police.

Responding officers found the body of the unidentified woman and two mutilated dogs in the apartment. 

The suspect reportedly admitted to killing "three family members" to the police, though it was unclear if he counted the dogs in that number. Police are checking on other family members' welfare, AZ Central reports.

He was taken to the hospital where he was reportedly undergoing surgery. Phoenix police didn't initially release the details of his relationship to the woman, but said he has a history of domestic violence and mental illness. 

 This article has been updated.