December 14, 2016

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The sunrise on 12/14/12 stopped me in my tracks. The bright orange ball rising over the frigid water. A stark comparison. It was around 7am when I snapped this shot, posted it to Facebook-turned and raced out the door. Not even 3 hours later, so much was forever changed.

The picture of the sunrise this morning 12/14/16 I took of the same sun, rising over the same water, around the same time-so much is the same, so much is different. Today I will spend in reflection, of all that was lost, all that has changed and search for the light, the hope, the peace. I know that it's there.

Even though right now I feel weighted down, surrounded by sadness for everything we lost. Even though right now it feels dark-I know that I can find the light. Just like the sun rose this morning in that same spot, over that same water, the good that is so abundant in this world will also rise. Good and bad both coexist in our world, it is our choice which to focus on. Today, on 12/14/16, 4 years later I encourage you to find and focus on the good...

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