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In the Time of the Great Awakening: Approaching Dec. 21, 2012

May you step into this time with awareness, conscious of the collective intention to meet at this threshold and birth humanity anew. May you fulfill the promise of this time as you gather up those around you and embark on this new journey.
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And so this time is upon us: This time of the great ending. This time of the great beginning. This time of the great awakening. This time of the Mayan prophecy. This time when time is between times.

Today, Dec. 12, 2012, is the day when the portal to the great awakening opens. The path before becomes clear. It leads to the day of Dec. 21, 2012, the time when those who are slumbering wake up. It is the time when that which has been awaiting our recognition is realized. It is the time when we open to receive it.

It is the time when we see our past and the stories we have lived through as the gift that brought us to this moment. It is the time when we release this past, for we know we cannot bring it with us to where we go from here.

And here we stand, in this moment, having shed that which no longer serves, having released all that bound us to our smallness, having looked our fear in the face, and having chosen to arise.

We rise up, and now we stand here, wide open, alive with possibility, plugged in to the source of all that is. Plugged into the unity channel, channeling the energy and the vibration of the universe. Tapped in to the universal circuitry -- renewing, recharging, restoring, and re-igniting us all.

We are here. We have traveled eons of lifetimes to get here. We are 7 billion and growing; in eternal transformation, forever opening and unfolding, birthing ourselves anew into every moment.

And now, a new task is presented. We are called to come together, all 7 billion, to beckon ourselves forward as a species, to bring ourselves to this moment and deliver the new humanity.

Humanity's pregnancy has reached full term. Each of us is a midwife, birthing ourselves, and each other. There are no mere observers. Everyone is on the playing field, suited up, fully equipped for the task at hand, having everything that is needed for this moment. Everyone is enough. And we finally know this as our truth.

We finally see that we are a magnificent expression of the whole and every one of us is the whole. Every one of us is the sum total of the thing itself, lighting up the universe. That which has been awaiting our recognition is being realized, by us, as us, now.

We know why we're here. It is perfectly clear now. We've come to return to the place from which we never left, except in consciousness. And now, at last, this suit of personality, worn threadbare, has finally surrendered to knowing the truth beyond appearances. We can lay down our weapons, carried for millennia to guard the fortress of our hearts. We can surrender our fearful ways in exchange for a full-paid ticket to being here now.

"Can you imagine a world where everybody was free, happy and joyful, where everybody came from a place of generosity and giving freely without any strings attached? Can you just imagine this world? It's almost impossible to imagine, it would be such a different place. Well, that's our work. That's what we're here to do. If enough of us can get to that level of consciousness, I believe the whole planet, would be transformed." -- Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel

We know we have a choice. We could choose to clip our wings and stay in our caves, defined by darkness and separation. We could continue pretending we're frightened and small and push away those who would bring the light to awaken us from our slumber. We can let the world go on without us, too timid and untrusting to wake up, step up and show up on this field of new possibility.

But we have come too far to stop now. We are so close to the opening. We can look through the crack in the universe and see a glimpse of what awaits us. And so, we are not turning back. We will not look away or be dissuaded. We will meet this moment with intention.

The roll will be called and our names will be spoken. And when each name is called, one by one, we will step forward and declare: "I am awake. I am here, now." Then, taking hold of hands, all 7 billion of us, we will lift up the new humanity. We will hold ourselves up to the sky, and gaze upon the stars and the planets and the universe. We will proclaim our oneness with it all. We will know ourselves at last.

It is the time of the great ending and the time of the great beginning. A time to exhale. A time to inhale. A time to die and a time to be reborn. A time to let go and a time to rise up.

May you step into this time with awareness, conscious of the collective intention to meet at this threshold and birth humanity anew. May you fulfill the promise of this time as you gather up those around you and embark on this new journey.

The time of the great awakening is upon us. It is knocking at the door of your consciousness. Your name is being called. How will you respond?

What is the significance of this time for you? How will you mark this occasion? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please leave your comments in the space below and/or come pay a visit to my personal blog and website at Rx For The Soul.

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I send you blessings of the season and will be holding you in my heart as I observe this threshold on Dec. 21. I will be back with you after the New Year, as we embark on yet another year of discovery together.

Peace and love,


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