Dec. 21 Mayan Prophecy: A Firsthand Report From the Mayan Lands With Tips for Transformation!

My understanding of our existence is always changing and evolving; however, I don't need more proof when it comes to sharing my hope for the future, and for the sake of the next seven generations on Earth.
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If you prefer visuals, here is my music video that begins to sum up this article.

If you prefer to just join the movement for peace on Dec. 21, because you are intuitive and already know what I am about to say, please check out One Earth. One Voice.

A mis amigos y familia, I have heard a call for truth. It has been a long journey and I want to share with you what has helped me on my journey. When I first started writing for The Huffington Post, I planned to do a gradual build of information in my articles, but this time in human history is so critical, I decided to get straight to the point. The most important info here, in my opinion, is my personal cheat sheet of 13 tools or mantras at the end of this article. So if nothing else... please read those below. :) Like me, I feel many people are searching for information and clarity about what's going to happen on Dec. 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

I am currently on tour in Mexico with the Mayan scientist and messenger for peace, Ac Tah. I was prompted to tour because my new album Owl Time and book Integration were complete and I felt I needed to get out and walk the talk. I am performing music and doing ceremonial and healing work related to this date, in accordance with the galactic alignment of the center of the galaxy, Sun, Moon, Venus and Earth on the Solstice, that happens every 26,000 years. This date, like Y2K, brings up the collective and personal concern we all have related to our mortality, our destiny and purpose on Earth. I share this information with you in honor of all our relations who have preserved this wisdom for thousands of years and hope that you will receive it with an open heart and mind.

Welcoming Rebirth, Releasing Fear of Death!

Like many people, at one time or another I have been very afraid of death and the "impending doom" of Dec. 21, 2012. These fears have dissipated over the years for many reasons and I now recognize that we are instead facing a rebirth. This understanding has come from my acute awareness and deep concern regarding the turmoil, systematic oppression, institutionalized racism and intense destruction that humanity faces. It is a universal state of being that I can feel in my bones, a reality for many that the world is going to hell in a handbag. I am not one to stick a stake in the ground in terms of "belief." I am committed to always keeping my mind open, searching for evidence, alternate perspectives, and proof of everything that I've been exposed to. My understanding of our existence is always changing and evolving; however, I don't need more proof when it comes to sharing my hope for the future, and for the sake of the next seven generations on Earth.

Scientists Studying Mayan Dec. 21 Alignment

While some scientists are debunking the Mayan prophecies of the Dec. 21-23 Galactic Alignment, others are taking the Mayan cosmology quite seriously. According to Ac Tah, not only are scientists studying how to harness the amplified energy, to induce a scientifically controlled magnetic polar shift, but they invited Ac Tah to consult them in the process. Here is Ac Tah's response to what these scientists at CERN in Switzerland are attempting to do on Dec. 21, 2012.

The idea of scientists acting on these plans takes my breath away! Given the potential for major damage to this part of the world and beyond, Ac Tah's response in this video and his recommendations for what we "regular" folks can do, restores my sense of groundedness and commitment. Ac Tah and the World Organization for Peace discovered it is possible to deactivate the energy from the particle accelerators by using our bodies and building pyramids in various ways. Ac Tah has been working tirelessly and says he has been successful but I am here to assist and imagine many may be interested in helping. See videos below for how!

AC TAH in Mexico at Teotihuacan

I Am Staying in Mexico Anyway!

Despite this information, I am in staying in Mexico through the end of December, with my family and the Owl Tribe. I am here because I believe Ac Tah, the multitude of quantum physicists working with the World Peace Organization, The One Earth. One Voice campaign, indigenous leaders, light workers, Transcendental Meditators, activists and various religious/spiritual groups. They all point to, practice, and teach a truth about our human capacity to affect the collective consciousness by "being the change we wish to see", and harnessing personal growth to affect the planet. As with so much in this dualistic world, the Dec. 21-23 Galactic Alignment also provides the sort of magnetic solar energy needed to activate our hearts and brains, and elevate the human species into a state of more unified and peaceful consciousness. A life of happiness we are all seeking and capable of is more possible than ever before. As I understand it, the Maya, among other cultures, knew this was going to happen, so they built pyramids across the globe between the Tropic of Cancer and equator to prepare for this day. Ac Tah continues to build and we are helping him now! This sacred knowledge has been kept from the general populace during colonization as a means to control the indigenous. This lost information helps us return to our divinity and understand the nature of our abilities as a universal being.


Me & some of the Owl Tribe and Ac Tah in Pittsburgh aka Peaceburgh after we built his Orion Labyrinth!

My Understanding of History

Over the course of known history, we experienced a more peaceful but stagnant matriarchy, then demonized the feminine (snakes as a symbol of evil instead of sacred feminine, the diminishment of Mary Magdalene's role, midwives and herbalists hunted as witches, only Masculine Gods... no goddesses, etc.). Then we built and continue to build and conquer to the point of near destruction in a patriarchal society. Duality was part of the universal process. Naturally everything in the universe seeks balance. We can consciously choose to move to unity and embrace the feminine and a greater balance right now! We are experiencing the extraordinary problems of living in imbalance. It generates class war, chemtrails, population control, mismanagement of the food supply, police brutality, domestic abuse, oppression, corporate crime and the list goes on. But we have the power to even the scales, and I now finally see, believe, and feel this, and trust what has been proven to me by indigenous wisdom and science: Tthe time is now", "we are the ones!", and its not too late! Dec. 21 is only the beginning of a transformation I feel humanity must make.

In my opinion, the whole historical process mentioned above, of the loss of awareness of personal and collective power, and the preceding struggle humans have endured was a universal and collective decision. Imagine life of the human race as a circle. We were given peace, then self destructed, which gives us the awareness that peace is necessary. Said another way, we would not know the light if we did not experience, appreciate and honor the darkness for the knowledge it provides. The universe works in cycles and patterns during which, in terms of humans, I think the unconscious mind stored the ability to actually return to unity. Its like we underwent an experiment of sorts in evolving our consciousness and now it is our chance to finish the job and use this knowledge, NOW! Maybe you will find me an idealist, but I have total faith that humanity will remember and live up to the job's requirements, but this is a personal choice. It is no mistake that knowledge about creating reality, the law of attraction and the power of our intentions has become mainstream, or that the very culture of the Maya, blamed for the potential impending doom is actually one of many teaching how we can reclaim our power. This story has been foretold by so many of the world's indigenous cultures.

A Human R.Evolution: What Can We Do About This?

So, what do we do? For once in my life, I think there are some simple answers. It is up to us, to take responsibility for our intentions and our actions and be what the enlightened ones called us to be: unconditional love. I know some of you believe in the revolutionary path through resistance and confrontation, and others believe there is nothing that we can do to change the system. At different points I shared these same sort of yearnings and understandings, but I have proven otherwise to myself in the last few years. I say to you all: It is us, the people, who will decide to make the move from a "love of power, to the power of love". (Jimi Hendrix was wise!) I have seen this first hand in my environment and know in my heart it can happen -- even if only a small number of people are on board (thank means I am counting on YOU!)! Think about the Hundredth Monkey theory or 'monkey see, monkey do.' It's no secret that love brings happiness, not money or power. The more this is shown to others the more the collective consciousness will shift. The universe is sending us assistance now.

My Cheat Sheet to Personal and Planetary Freedom

I share these with you now because it is has helped me in my personal r.evolution. If it resonates in your heart, act on it or make your own!

  1. Release fear: This is most important for building a foundation for the transition and has already begun. Trust in all the wisdom and work that has brought us this far and look for the love, not the hate. Multitudes of people I know and don't know have been building this energy for transformation -- but we do need you. It is natural to experience fear on some level. Try to focus on any of the other things listed here to help you release it or on anything that brings you joy.
  2. Be love. Ppractice unconditional love on a daily basis. Forgive yourself and all those around you for who they are and who they are not, without exception -- even your enemies. Treat everyone as family. Hate has not actually gotten us anywhere, it's time to win the battle with love. Remind everyone about this, all the time.
  3. Trust the universe. This is all happening in perfect timing. The suffering we are living is the necessary as a catalyst for change. We have seen the darkness and therefor appreciate and seek the light.
  4. Keep it simple. Be happy, have fun, and follow your passion. Realize that your thoughts do not define or control you. Ac Tah says that even one minute a day focused on peace and joy is powerful enough to change the world.
  5. Connect with the Earth. Sing with us on Dec. 21 to the earth! Seek her creative force by spending time in nature. The Earth is conscious and responds to us. It is time to take care of her with love and respect. Give gratitude for all that the Earth provides.
  6. Treat your body as a temple. Love your body. Realize staying heart-focused and breathing through your heart can shift your state of being instantly. And, you can become a human pyramid to capture the emerging energy from the alignment. Check out Ac Tah's sacred geometry movements or practice any of the many ways to do this: walking labyrinths, yoga, meditation, artistic self-expression, etc.
  7. Honor ancestral wisdom. One of my favorite teachers is Don Miguel Ruiz, who shares the Toltec wisdom of The Four Agreements : 1. Don't take things personally 2. Be impeccable with your word (use it for truth and not gossip, hate, etc.) 3. Don't make assumptions. 4. Always do your best.
  8. See your dreams... Envision your heart's desires. Focus on creating the life that you love, where your loved ones are happy and the world is at peace. Literally see it!
  9. Smile. Share your beauty and gifts with everyone. Let go of feeling unworthy and let yourself shine! Smiling at a stranger can shift your entire emotional state.
  10. Release all judgment. Realize that we are all mirrors of each other, teachers for our highest good. Forgive everyone, especially yourself!
  11. Don't worry or hurry. "It's using your imagination for what you don't want". "If you hurry at the world, the world will hurry at you, so take time when you do what you do." (Shout out to my wise friends, Aaron and Phil Osophical.) Test this stuff on small things... it will become an apparent truth.
  12. You are the guru. Know that you are amazingly powerful. You can heal yourself. Help guide others to tap into their own healing power so we can collectively heal the earth.
  13. Spread the word. I wrote this quickly, I am sure there are more! Tell everyone the good news! Let's celebrate!

The video above showcases Ac Tah's sacred Mayan movements. It is an my artistic expression of hope, used to demonstrate my faith in humanity to rise at this time, and use our energy for the good of all, so we can finally see an end to extreme global suffering. This is just the beginning and we have so much work to do. Human beings are stronger than any machines. Take Ghandi's words seriously and on behalf of the planet, "Be the change you wish to see." We are indeed affecting the whole, not only in our lifetimes, but for many generations to come.

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