December 29, 2006: A Typical Day In Baghdad

While the MSM is reporting about the insane plan to execute Saddam Hussein, there is not a whimper about the consequences of executing him and making him a martyr. Any sane U.S. President would order him to be tried as an international war criminal by the World Court. The problem is we have a mentally unstable President who should also be tried by the same court. In the meantime, life (and death) goes on in Baghdad.

Below is an email I received today from an investgative reporter who is working with John Loftus and Nova M Radio to get the truth out to the American people that is not being fully reported by the MSM. It is yet another reason to support the disssemination of the truth by independent media. I have redacted some of the expletives.


>> Bagdhad is grim as hell. At the moment I'm scuttling
>> from dead body to
>> dead body. Everywhere, miserable f-ing people with
>> miserable f-ing
>> stories and no hope for the future.
>> This city has gone from bad to worse. Christmas Day,
>> some Shiite kid
>> got shot down in his bakery by Sunni gunmen and we
>> turned up at the
>> scene a few minutes later; the blood was still wet
>> on the floor and
>> the body had been dragged out in the street. His
>> mother, little
>> brother and sister were mourning over the corpse. I
>> felt like a crap.
>> for taking photos, but I did it anyway because it
>> seemed important.
>> In the corner of Bagdhad I'm in - Mansor, a district
>> of 100,000 people
>> - the Americans are finding up to 60 bodies a week.
>> It averages at
>> least three a day. At Yarmuk hospital (I was there
>> last year too, the
>> day before I got kidnapped), the surgeon told me
>> they have 3,000
>> murder victims a month. Most kidnapped, tortured,
>> shot then dumped in
>> the street. Some are dismembered, beaheaded, burned
>> etc.
>> Ethnic fault lines are becoming pronounced; the
>> Shiites and Sunnis
>> stare at each other across waste ground, firing
>> mortars, sniping and
>> going on death squad raids when the opportunity
>> arises.
>> The electricity hardly works, there are no jobs,
>> petrol is too
>> expensive for people to run their heaters.
>> And the Americans are still f-ing things up. On a
>> mission the other
>> day they arrested four men sleeping in their car
>> outside a petrol
>> station (they started queueing at midnight so they
>> could get fuel
>> before it ran out the next morning, when the station
>> opened) because
>> they were "suspicious".
>> They were nothing of the sort but got questioned,
>> tied up, blindfolded
>> and put in the back of humvess. Then driven round
>> the city for a
>> while, in an effort to scare them, before going to
>> the Iraqi army
>> compound. They were Sunni men and even the Yanks
>> admitted if they
>> handed them to the Iraqi police (shiites) they'd be
>> finding their
>> bodies the next day. So much for training up the new
>> security services.
>> The Iraqi army commander actually told the Americans
>> they should let
>> the men go because they'd done nothing wrong and,
>> reluctantly, they
>> did. It was such a relief to see them set free. The
>> soldiers made a
>> big thing about telling these vitims "We're just
>> doing this for your
>> own safety" but you could see the humiliation, fear
>> and anger on the
>> men's faces.
>> It was all so eerie. Exaclty one year previously I
>> was kidnapped and
>> this time I was sitting in a humvee next to a crying
>> Iraqi teenager
>> who was, for all intents and purposes, also
>> kidnapped. I dread to
>> think what was going through his mind.
>> The soldiers were laughing at the poor guy and
>> desperate to put him
> > in jail; the gunner put his foot on the guy's head -
>> one of the most
>> humiliating and disrespectful things you can do to
>> an Iraqi, and
>> they'd accused him of trying to plant a bomb.
>> Winning hearts and
>> minds, US Army style. It's weird because I've seen
>> worse treatment but
>> this suddenly struck me as outrageous and dumb
>> beyond words. The only
>> justification for the American Army to be here is
>> that it is
>> protecting Iraqi civilians. In fact, it's doing no
>> such thing.
>> One of the sergeants, a bovine fella called Nunley,
>> said: "If these
>> guys weren't insurgents, they sure will be now". But
>> didn't seem to
>> understand the implications of his words. That's the
>> trouble with all
>> of this crap. There's no self-reflection, no
>> thought. The more I see
>> of US soldiers, the less impressed I am. They want
>> to fxxx this crap up,
>> they want to shoot people, and they want to screw
>> Keira Knightly.
>> The funniest thing is, they still say "When we talk
>> to Iraqis, they
>> tell us they want us here". I was told that after
>> one patrol when I'd
>> spoken to the same family in my terrible Arabic and
>> they'd told me
>> they wanted Saddam to come back because the American
>> soldiers were
>> insane.
>> >> Phil.