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December Is The Busiest Plastic Surgery Month, Doctors Say

All I want for Christmas is a nip/tuck?

We all want to look good in our Christmas cocktail dresses and New Year's Eve frocks, but it turns out many people desire more drastic changes to their appearances during the holidays: December, and especially these final days of the month, is the busiest time of the year for many plastic surgeons, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Bariatric surgeons, who performs procedures like gastic bypass surgery, also see an uptick in clients this time of year.

While wanting to look hot for holiday parties may play a role in women's desire to score Botox and nose jobs in December, there may be another motive for winter surgery seekers: patients can use the time off from work between Christmas and New Year's to recover from procedures and hopefully return to the office bruise and bandage-free come January. Some patients also opt for year-end procedures to make the most of their health-care insurance deductible.

It makes sense that people would make use of the holiday downtime to recover; however, we'd rather spend our end-of-the-year drinking eggnog at holiday parties, not lying in bed with our face in bandages. But we'll be fine so long as Sofia Vergara doesn't emerge in the new year with a breast reduction.

Read more at the WSJ, and below, a word of caution to holiday surgery seekers: see some celebs who frankly say they regret getting their plastic surgery:

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