Decentralized Affiliate Marketing Platform HOQU Announces MVP Release

Decentralized Affiliate Marketing Platform HOQU Announces MVP Release
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Internet marketing is well on its way to being transformed by HOQU. Just this week, the company announced the completion of their groundbreaking platform’s minimum viable product (MVP).

Now, potential users and investors can get a glimpse of the platform by visiting the HOQU website:

The company’s token sale is currently in full-swing and now is a great time for you to get in early and enjoy excellent bonuses on token purchases.

HOQU - Revolutionizing Affiliate Marketing

As you’ve probably noticed, just about every website you go to online has ads. Those ads are put there by webmasters and affiliate marketers. Of course, they do this in exchange for money - they receive a little bit of cash for every “lead” or “action” stimulated by the advertisement.

This kind of advertising is called affiliate marketing. When a potential customer clicks on the ad and goes to the merchant’s website, the website that was advertising the product receives some money. Various payment models affiliate marketing exist - cost per action (CPA), cost per lead (CPL),cost per call (CPC - see programs like MarketCall), and many more.

For some time, however, the affiliate marketing business has been invaded by fraudulent practices - brokers and other third parties stealing money from both the people doing the advertising and merchants trying to grow their businesses. HOQU is an affiliate marketing platform that gets rid of the third-party, and the fraud as a result, all while making advertising more affordable!

HOQU is integrating blockchain technology into affiliate marketing by creating a smart contract that emits the HQx token. Merchants will be able to use this token to pay for advertising done by affiliate marketing, and marketers and webmasters will be able to become a part of the platform to earn a good income. There is no need for a broker because the effectiveness of the campaign is easily measurable - it’s all visible on the smart contract.

The smart contract eliminates broker (and other types of) fraud, but the best part of the platform might be how much it decreases advertising costs. Frequently, in the traditional economy, merchants have to pay brokerage fees and other commissions that add up to 40% of the marketing budget. Merchants using HOQU only have to pay a 0.5% commission on all HQx transactions. No broker = low fee - Simple as that!

The HOQU MVP is ready

The MVP of the HOQU affiliate and advertiser dashboard is now fully functional!

The features that are available in this version of the MVP include:

  • Earnings tracking
  • Client call records (including full recordings of each call to be analyzed by your support teams)
  • Lead following and statistics
  • The API, ready to be accessed by developers interested in integrating HOQU into their apps
  • Other features to support affiliates’ day to day operations.

The development team is hard at work putting together the best software product possible. They look forward to adding new features in future releases shortly.

The HOQU Token Sale has launched!

The digital marketing industry is growing fast, and currently has a 200 billion dollar annual turnover. In the near future a major part of this market will adopt blockchain technology - HOQU will be at the forefront of this movement.

You can be a part of the movement too - by purchasing HQx tokens, the means of exchange on the HOQU platform, you become a part of the future of marketing!

The pre-sale ended just a few days ago and was an unparalleled success. Now, you can get in on the project too in the HOQU token sale, accessible at

The base price for HQx token is 0.0002 ETH.

For a limited time only, you can purchase the token at 0.000167 ETH - but the price is increasing fast as more and more people want to participate in the project! For a very limited time there is a 20% bonus.

Join HOQU on its journey to change the marketing world.

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