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Deciding What to Keep and What to Get Rid of

At some stage in the future, you regretted it. It may have been a few hours later, or a few weeks, or a few months, but eventually you regretted buying this item. We've all done it. Don't pretend you haven't!
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A few years ago, I watched a program on TV called Fashion Star. I LOVED Fashion Star. I quickly became an early adopter (aka fan!) of the show and just had to watch it live (you'll find out why soon!).

There were a few things I loved about Fashion Star, but the best thing was that there were three stores who would "buy" a certain dollar value of the clothes the designers created. These were the clothes they thought would work for their clientele, and would therefore stock in their stores, but only up to that dollar value. Once that value was reached, they didn't sell any more of it, thus why I had to watch it live, "just in case" they had something I needed to buy and have living in my wardrobe!

One episode, there was this amazing jump suit created by one of the designers. O.M.G! I was in love! I'd never worn a jump suit before, and had no idea how tricky they could be to get in and out of, but who cares?! I needed it, and thankfully, it was in my price range so I bought it.

I waited anxiously for my newly beloved clothing item to arrive. Had I chosen the right size (it was U.S. sizing after all)? Would an all black jump suit look good on me? Would I wear it (of course I would, I told myself)?

Finally the jump suit arrived and, yay, it fit! Phew, first obstacle down!

So, now what?

Was there an event coming up that I could wear it to?

Would I look completely out of place in my uber-amazing, U.S.-designed jump suit in Australia?

Would this be one of those items I spent money on and regretted?

We've all spent money on items we bought as impulse buys, or thought it would solve a problem, or looked cute and we needed it, or a friend had it and we want to be seen with it too, or our latest celeb-crush had one and it's ah-maz-ing!

I know you have! I've been in your home! I know there are items in your wardrobe, in your children's toy boxes, on your bookshelf, in your pantry, in your handbag (or maybe it IS your handbag?) that you bought because you just needed it.

And then, at some stage in the future, you regretted it. It may have been a few hours later, or a few weeks, or a few months, but eventually you regretted buying this item.

We've all done it. Don't pretend you haven't! I've done it and I'm a declutter and organising expert!

And once the purchase is done, and the tags ripped off, and the receipt thrown away, you can't do anything about it. This item is yours -- for good.

But, over time you look at that item and wonder what the hell to do with it.

You can't decide whether to keep it or not, and the amount of money, time and energy you put into getting that thing is weighing you down.

"I should really keep that" you say, even though deep down you don't like it, want it or need it, and just want to get rid of it.

So how do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of, despite spending some of your hard earned money on it?

Really there is only one decision to make here.

Yep, one decision.

There's not a hundred questions to ask yourself, or a yes/no flow chart to follow (though that would be pretty cool!) or a 1-800 helpline to phone and get advice from.

You have to make the decision all on your own. So what do you do?

All you need to do is ask yourself this one question of everything in your home, and you will truly know whether it should be in your life or not.

Does this item allow me to live a life that is true to my soul's purpose?

Yes = keep
No = toss, donate or sell

Sounds simple doesn't it?

But it SO isn't!

So, what about my jump suit? Does it help me live the life I want?

Hell yes! I've only worn it twice since I bought it, but I'm okay with that. I feel super amazing in it, and every time I wear it, I get compliments. So it does help me live the life I want because it makes me feel good and lifts my spirit, and that's all I need from it!

I'd love to know: What have you got in your home that could go but you just can't get rid of because of the money you spent on it? Has that one little question left you a little dumbfounded? Let me know in the comments!

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