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Clear the Way to Clarity and Momentum

If you're not getting the results you want, if you're frustrated because you feel clueless as to your next steps or if you just feel stale, these basics will be worth the visit.
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This is life coaching 101, but it's not old news. It's news that needs to be revisited any time your GPS is stuck in "recalculating." If you're not getting the results you want, if you're frustrated because you feel clueless as to your next steps or if you just feel stale, these basics will be worth the visit.

When you feel stuck it means the energy that flows through your body and your environment is stuck and some very concrete moving of the furniture, literally and figuratively, can get things flowing again. As summer approaches, we need to change the filters so our air conditioners can function properly. This concept is the same for humans.

Very recently, I found myself in a slow-moving time. My weight was up. My energy was low. My business had too much waiting going on and not enough momentum. I felt scattered. I knew it was time to revisit the basics. I changed my game with food and the gym. I spoke some truths in relationships that weren't working and I cleared out my closet, my garage, and my kids' rooms, getting rid of stuff we no longer needed or used.

I kept up my home and work responsibilities but put the bulk of my weekend time into this endeavor. Out of the blue (but not really because this is what happens when you do this) I got an inquiry about blogging because an editor had been at Kripalu, where I recently led a retreat.

I cleared my way to a new opportunity (and a few others that showed up in the same week) and you can do the same. Here are some suggestions:

MOVE. Get your body moving. If you do yoga, do more. If you exercise, change your routine. If you don't do anything, start walking for 20 or 30 minutes a day. Just get that energy moving!

DUMP. Get rid of stuff. Go paperless, pare down to only essentials in your closet, gift or donate unwanted items. Immediately! (Not someday.) Clear clutter like your life depended upon it. In a way, it does.

ACQUIRE. Buy only that which will help you operate more effectively. For example, if you can't get papers off your desk, buy a two- or three-tiered in/out box and create a new system. If you need organizers, containers, a file cabinet, or anything that can help you streamline, invest in it now. Seeing your way to clear space does wonders for fueling opportunity

SHIFT. Shift relationships that are not working. Have that difficult conversation or take a break from someone or a group you may need to take time away from.

INSPIRE. Motivate yourself by doing something that inspires you. Whether it's a walk in nature or scaring yourself silly by doing something you've long thought of attempting. Take a risk. Do the impossible and study those that have to give you courage.

All of these things "shake the bushes" as I call it and get the cobwebs out of your brain and your routine. The results can be very rewarding. From that ah-ha realization to a new opportunity, you will cause change.

Do it until the dawn breaks and the next time you are stagnant or stuck, do it again. It's a rinse and repeat type of thing.

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