Declutter your Digital Life - FREE course with big results!

Ready to declutter your digital life?

I'm hearing a lot of talk about spring cleaning and decluttering - the latter being right up my street.

I know so many of you are into this too so I've put together a little three day challenge to get us ready for spring! So if you're a busy Mum, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you look at the mess your Inbox is in and feel stress?
  • Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your phone and wasting hours each week?
  • Is your news feed cluttered with annoying posts or people you haven't spoken to in years?

Declutter your Digital Life Challenge

This free challenge is all about decluttering your digital life. So that's your smart phone, tablet, laptop and computer.

My thinking is this, if we can get rid of the online mess and clutter, it will free up more time to chat to the people we love!

Plus, if your iPhone's battery life zaps as fast as mine, this can only be a good thing!

Will you join me?

In just three days, and only 15 minutes per day, you can:

  • minimising your digital mess
  • removing distractions, negativity and time-wasters
  • create spaces to easily and quickly locate the digital things you need
  • free your mind of some stress that was weighing you down!

Think you can benefit from that?

I know I can and I would love you to join me too.


  1. Simply sign up at the bottom of this post.
  2. Join the brand new Facebook group.
  3. Feel free to Like my Facebook Page and follow me on Instagram. Not essential but I'd love you to!
  4. Commit to the three day challenge and follow along with the simple activities. You can read these whenever is convenient for you - no rush.

Let's declutter our digital life and make time for the things and people we love!

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