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Decluttering With the Queen of Knives: Caution -- SHARP KNIVES Ahead

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Hola Tushkateers (members of the Kick in the Tush Club). Que tal? Que pasa? Whassup? How's it goin'? All A-Okay here.

If you have been reading my almost daily blog posts on my website, Our Lady of Weight Loss, or on the Kick In the Tush Club/FB page, you may have heard me speak about my declutter project. Yes, 'tis true. I am in the midst of the biggest declutter campaign ever in the history of decluttering! (When did people start to talk about decluttering? Who was the first to start tossing?)

Said De-Clutter Project has taken over my life. (Slight exaggeration, I guess. But it's been time-consuming, for sure.) Each and every day (okay, nearly each and every day), I start the day by sorting, tossing and finally shredding. I hold each and every object in my hand -- every book, every trinket, every everything -- and ask myself, "Do I get a good vibe from this? A bad vibe? A neutral vibe? An anti-gravity vibe? Or a gravity vibe? Meaning, is it weighty? Is this object in it of itself or through association "heavy"?

First observation using this method is that each and every object has a memory and a vibe associated with it. Some of the associations are positive, some negative, some trigger remembrances that take me far and long down memory lane, which are sometimes pleasant and sometimes not. Sometimes informative, sometimes not.

If an object has a bad, angry, disappointing, or heavy pull to it (like Sir Isaac Newton dropping the apple), I toss it. Okay, close to 88.5 percent of the time, some objects take a little longer to dispose of. In those cases, I figure that I haven't fully processed that disappointment (____ fill in the emotion of choice) associated with it. You dig? (I saw a documentary about New York City in the 1950s (called New York in the 50s, duh), and I'm like a beatnik now and speak in the "you dig" language. It's more than likely temporary. Until I move onto the next movie, article, documentary that captures my imagination.)

If an object has a happy, oh-yes-those-were-great-times vibe, I keep it. Again, easy!

Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), it's the middle road that's complicated. I pile those "neutral" things up and revisit them a week later. Eventually, those items move closer to one end of the spectrum than the other.

I am sure that you can now see why this is a long and complicated method of decluttering. BUT BUT BUTT, kick in the butt or tush style, if you please, it is well worth the effort, because I am not only decluttering space, but also I am decluttering my mind.

I am "interviewing my brain."* I am "noodling it out."* Letting go and holding on. Remembering and forgetting all at the same time. You dig? (* = Beatnik Term: For more Beatnik terms click here, but only if you are going to use them, as in write to me in You Dig Style.)

Now, I know that we all love a "how to list." And while this isn't brain surgery, and I believe you get the gist of it all and could declutter without direction as you do "know your groceries,"* here follows five steps:

DeCluttering With the Queen of Knives: Caution -- SHARP KNIVES Ahead

1. INVEST in HUGE GARBAGE Bags. Buy yourself a box of bags and promise yourself that you will fill up at least one plastic bag with extraneous stuff. Believe me, by the time you review all items, if done with honesty and with awareness, you'll be tossing more than one bag full!

2. ASK YourSELF. Hold each and every object in your hand and ask yourself, "Is this object associated with a happy memory? Sad, angry memory?" Once you determine the object's vibe...

3. TOSS It. Or save it. Or put it into the limbo pile to review one week later!

4. REJOICE. Yes, Tushkateers, the space that you have created (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually... in the real world and in the other world) will clear a space for new and more enlightened (enLITEned) experiences.

5. Experience Anti-GRAVITY Coaching. This is one aspect of anti-gravity coaching. A specific thing to do that creates space, lightens the mood and the body, allows you to levitate through life!

Yours in Counteracting Gravity,

Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach
buoyant * magnetic * luminous

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