Deconstructing Donny, Part X: On Minority Insults

As a Jew, I'm becoming more and more upset with the fact that Trump hasn't really focused on insulting us more than he has. For example, all he's really been quoted as saying about Jews is: "Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day." And even though he insulted every African-American accountant in the U.S., I can't tell you how offended I am that he hasn't really done a better job at Jew baiting and denigrating Jews. Where are all the "kike" references? Or the "German Oven Mitt" allusions? Or, as the Bible touting man you are, the "Jesus Killer" references? Or, as your fellow entrepreneur Henry Ford used to say, "Snipcock"? C'mon, Donny. You really need to step up your game. Every day goes by and I read nothing about Jews. Oh, sure, one can read what David Duke has to say about Jews, but one really needs to hear it from your mouth since you're going to be the "Voice" of America once you "Make America Great Again."

As a matter of fact, I recently had a chat with a Navajo friend of mine and he was as disappointed as I was that you really haven't begun denigrating Native Americans. He just bowed his head and shook it feeling isolated, dismissed, unrecognized, isolated. I mean think of all the tribes on and off reservations in America that you could choose from: Navajo, Hopi, Blackfeet, Crow, etc. There are almost 600 tribes that you can single out and insult. With fourteen months to go you could insult almost 43 Native American tribes a month! That's over 10 a week! C'mon, Donny, you're slacking. You don't want to be considered a nebbish, do you? You've dismissed Latinos, Muslims, women, Asians, African-Americans, but there are so many more minorities out there in the country. Mixed minorities. You know Jewish-Lesbian-Latinos or Gay-Korean-African-Americans or Episcopalian Native Americans or Bisexual Muslims. Listen, Donny, America is your "racial oyster" so you and your advisors really need to get out there and ramp up your insults. Raise your game. As much as you may want it to be, this isn't Lingerie Football, it's the NFL so stand up, let's see a profile in courage and insult to the best of your ability. In the meantime, as my late father used to say to me when I asked him for money: HOK A CHAINIK. And though it loses something in translation being someone devoted to both the New and Old Testaments, you should get the idea.