9 Decor Ideas For Your Coffee Table From Real-Life Homes

Coffee tables are one of those pieces of furniture that you find in almost every single home and unfortunately, most of them end up looking the same: covered with old magazines and whatever clutter was carried through the door that day.

The exception? The surfaces you see here. They don't just single-handedly prove that a couple bold books and carefully-chosen accents can go a long way, but they also remind us what a coffee table can (and should) look like as well. Check out the decor ideas that caught our eye in the stellar examples below.

1. A modern tray gives design structure while maintaining organization.

2. Fresh flowers provide a focal point of color and bring new life to the space.

3. Objects on books (on even more books) give dramatic depth to a basic base.

4. A tufted ottoman or pair of stools makes for a cozy coffee table alternative.

5. Metallic or monochromatic accents are the perfect way to fill those awkwardly blank spots.

6. Squares on circles -- or circles on squares -- create an eye-catching contrast.

7. The more you display, the more you add personality.

8. But keeping things minimal makes a strong statement.

9. Just don't forget to leave space for the most important part -- it is a "coffee" table, after all.

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