7 Decor Ideas That Will Make The Most Out Of Any Hallway

The hallway of a home is often easy to overlook. It's a "transitional" space that you don't spend much time looking at, unless you're picking up the scattered shoes that somehow land there.

Yet, a hall has plenty of potential. For example, the empty walls make the perfect canvas for a slightly more dramatic look that might overwhelm an entire room. Or, you can squeeze in some well-chosen furnishings to bring more function. Whether you have a small space or are lucky enough to have a formal entry, these seven decor ideas might inspire you to look at those walls as canvases with great potential.

Add chairs and a bold mirror to an awkward wall.
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Offer up a warm welcome by adding a small bar to your entry hall.
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A vintage cabinet makes the perfect spot for displaying fresh blooms (OK, and spirits).
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A dramatic paint color and scattered art makes the most out of an unused wall.
The Style Scout, Topher Scott Studios
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A bold wallpaper might overwhelm an entire room, but looks just right on an accent wall.
Corey Walter/Domino
Group small, framed photos to create a "gallery wall."
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Carve out a small work station underneath the stairs.
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